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KBF Africa Prize

Rewarding African organisations that sustainably transform people’s lives in Africa.

The KBF Africa Prize rewards African organisations which contribute to sustainably improving the lives of people in Africa. It pays particular attention to initiatives that tackle challenges in Africa in transformative ways, which are resilient and adaptable in a constantly changing context, which have a long-term vision, and which empower people to take their future into their own hands.
The KBF Africa Prize is awarded every other year. It seeks to draw attention to the many inspirational stories, challenges and successes emerging from the African continent. Beyond its monetary value of 200.000 euros, it offers its laureates unique opportunities to increase their visibility and promote their cause to international audiences.

Our activities

  • we manage the call for nominations and the award of the KBF Africa Prize, whose winner is selected by an independent international jury
  • and we organise promotional activities for the Prizewinner’s activities and ideas, in Europe and Africa, as well as in the United States and Canada with KBFUS and KBF CANADA.

KBF Africa Prize is part of the programme International

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Calls for projects

KBF Africa Prize 2023-2024

Every two years, the KBF Africa Prize rewards African organisations which contribute to transforming society and sustainably improving the lives of people in Africa.



Irebami Taiwo

Support for 2nd Master in Science & Environmental Technology at Ghent University

Financial support for a key member of Wecyclers (winner of KBF 2018-19 Africa Prize) to further his knowledge/impact on the circular economy and environmental sustainability.

Asociación CasaSito

Coaching Program: Learning for Life –Creating Better Futures

In Guatemala, offer a coaching programme (including career guidance, mentoring, accountability and sexual health education) in secondary schools to young people, who often come f…

Village Health Works

Scholarships for Kigutu International Academy

Opening of the Kigutu International Academy (KIA) by the end of 2020, which offers quality secondary education to young Burundians with high potential; to form a network of peopl…

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives

KBF Africa Prize

Every two years, the KBF Africa Prize rewards African organisations which contribute to transforming society and sustainably improving the lives of people in Africa.

Funds and philanthropic tools

Philanthropic action GUIDO HUYSMANS Young African Film Makers Award

Encouraging a positive image of Africa in the media and audio-visual sector, support for African film-making talent and the mutual comprehension of cultural differences.

Dr Denis Mukwege - Panzi Hospital Fund

Purchase of medical material, study grants (for doctors, psychologists and parajurists) in the DRC or elsewhere, support for social reintegration projects, building health centre…

Elman Peace & Human Rights Centre (European Friends Fund)

The NGO Elman Peace was awarded the KBF Africa Prize 2020-21. The organisation combats violence and promotes social justice in Somalia and beyond.

Press Releases

SAKIFE: a photography exhibition about women’s health in Kivu

22 06 2022

The BELvue is staging the SAKIFE exhibition about the health of women in Kivu. The starting point for the project is the work of Dr. Denis Mukwege, winner of the 2010-2011 KBF Af…

KBF Africa Prize 2020-2021: Elman Peace of Somalia builds a peaceful society in the wake of conflict

16 06 2022

The Somali organisation Elman Peace receives the KBF Africa Prize 2020-2021. A recognition of their successful efforts for peace in Somalia.

KBF Africa Prize awarded to Elman Peace of Somalia

05 05 2022

The Foundation awards its KBF Africa Prize 2020-21 to the Somali organisation Elman Peace, in recognition of its successful efforts to build a peaceful society in Somalia.


Finding healing by building peace for all

KBF Africa Prize

“Peace is so much more than the absence of war.”
Ilwad Elman
Elman Peace