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Are you, as an individual or an organisation, looking for (financial) support to conduct a project of general interest in Belgium or abroad?

If so, then answer one of our calls for projects. The King Baudouin Foundation supports organisations and citizens who are working for the common good in numerous fields such as health, the fight against poverty, the environment and heritage, in Belgium as well as internationally.

(International) Fundraising

Are you, as an organisation, working for the common good in Belgium and/or internationally, looking for effective ways of fundraising?

The King Baudouin Foundation has a broad network that can help you to raise funds among your supporters in Belgium, Europe, and/or internationally (e.g. in the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia etc.) and this in total transparency. Your project will gain greater visibility and your donors will benefit from tax advantages.

Find a call that suits your project

Calls for projects soon to be closed

Springboard grant for applied research in primary care

Springboard grant to help talented postdoctoral researchers in applied research in primary care to launch their research career

Soon to be closed!

Call for project in Neuropsychiatry at ULB research institutions

This call aims to support a research project helping to the management of behavioural, psychological and psychiatric disorders that occur in people with neuropsychiatric disorder…


Fund Benevermedex - Assure your future

Support to research in the field of private insurances for the benefit of victims of accidents


Which option to choose for fundraising?

There are various philanthropic tools for fundraising for your project. We are here to help you and adapt them to what best meets your needs and wishes.

Inspiring engagement

Sportswitch: THE recycling center for sports clothing

Inclusive transition

“We want to raise awareness about the sustainability of sports clothing.”
Fran Verwimp
Project Manager of SportSwitch

“Alaska - Mexico by handbike? Michiel did it!”

"I did it, of course, for myself, because I want to keep traveling. But I also want to inspire other people with disabilities. Your world doesn’t have to become small after an accident."
Michiel Desmet