Strong governance guarantees the legitimacy and independence of the King Baudouin Foundation. It is within this perspective that its various bodies have been established in order to reflect the pluralism of our society. These bodies ensure the relevance of our activities and that they are in step with developments in society. In addition, we can also count on some 3,000 experts who work with us on a disinterested basis as members of our various committees and juries.

Board of Governors


The Board of Governors acts as an orchestral conductor. It defines our policy guidelines and assumes final responsibility for our budget and accounts.


The Board of Governors comprises a Chair (Pierre Wunsch), two Vice-Chairs and a maximum of 12 Board Members, including the Chief Executive Officer (Brieuc Van Damme). Within the Board of Governors there is one Board Member who represents HM the King. New members of the Board of Governors are elected by a two-thirds majority vote by the Governors sitting or represented. Their mandate lasts for four years and may be renewed once. The upper age limit for a Governor is 70. The Governors choose a Chair and two Vice-Chairs. The Chair is elected for a term of two years, renewable once. The Board of Governors acts by majority vote.

Advisory Council


The Advisory Council develops recommendations on the strategic plan for the Board of Governors. The Council’s advice is binding: it is only possible to depart from its recommendations if such a decision is approved by a two-thirds majority of the Board. The Advisory Council may also provide (non-binding) recommendations on certain subjects regarding the Foundation.


The Advisory Council is composed of some twenty members, who are also part of our various committees, juries and working groups. The Council is presided over by the Chair of the Board of Governors. Members of the Council are nominated by the Board of Governors for a period of four years, renewable once.

Executive Staff


The Executive Staff is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Foundation.


The Executive Staff is composed of KBF's Chief Executive Officer and four Directors. Myriad USA and Myriad Canada, which are part of the Myriad alliance for borderless giving together with KBF and Give2Asia, each have a Director who works in close collaboration with the Foundation.

Nomination Committee

  • Mission: The Nomination Committee makes proposals for the composition of the Board of Governors, the Advisory Council and the Foundation’s other committees.
  • Composition: The Nomination Committee comprises four members and is presided over by the Chair of the Board of Governors.

Remuneration Committee

  • Mission: The Remuneration Committee takes decisions regarding the Foundation’s evaluation and remunerations systems. The Committee is also tasked with evaluating the performance of the Executive Staff.
  • Composition: The Remunerations Committee comprises three members and is presided over by the Chair of the Board of Governors.

Financial governance

The King Baudouin Foundation also has further bodies responsible for its financial management: the Financial Committee, the Audit Committee, four Censors and an External Auditor.