The King Baudouin Foundation can count on a team of almost 150 motivated and committed members of staff. Day after day, they devote their knowledge and talents to achieving the Foundation’s mission, guided by the two watchwords of responsibility and trust.

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We are always on the lookout for new talent, both as permanent employees and independent experts. We often need interns, students and volunteers too. So if this interests you, you can also get in touch with us. Check out our vacant posts here.


Below is a list of our staff members, set out in function of programme or support service.

General coordination

Brieuc Van Damme, Chief Executive Officer

Marie Van den Dooren, personal assistant to the Chairman and to the CEO


Stefan Schäfers, Chief Programme Officer

Climate, Environment and Biodiversity

Gerrit Rauws, Head of Climate, Environment and Biodiversity

Dorien Baelden, Senior project coordinator

Anneke Ernon, Senior project coordinator

Marie-Catherine Michaux, Project coordinator

Sophie Van Malleghem, Senior project coordinator

Cédric Vanneste, Senior project coordinator

Louise Lamotte, Project and knowledge manager

Delphine Saudoyer, Project and knowledge manager

Annelore Vriens, Project and knowledge manager

Alexandrine Goessens, Consultant

Loesje Vanwalleghem, Consultant

Sarah Reyn, Consultant


An Lavens, Head of Programme Democracy

Jordi Besemer, Project coordinator

Aurélie Cerf, Senior project coordinator

Karine Huet, Project coordinator

Saïda Sakali, Senior project coordinator

Mathilde Oechsner, Communication manager

Dimitri De Beukelaer, Project and knowledge manager

Asmaa Helalouch, Project and knowledge manager

Emmanuelle Petit, Project and knowledge manager

Géraldine Rase, Project and knowledge manager

Toufik Bouzalmad, Steward

Bilal Tahri, Steward

Education and the Development of Talents

Farah Ridane, Head of Programme Education and the Development of Talents

Dorien Baelden, Senior project coordinator

Nick Jansen, Project coordinator

Yamina Krossa, Project coordinator

Greta Lopez, Project coordinator

Carlos Rozar, Project coordinator

Anneke Deneker, Project and knowledge manager

Elodie Keffer, Project and knowledge manager

Jolan Koks, Project and knowledge manager

Anaïs Musimenta, Project and knowledge manager

Kristof Van Bunder, Project and knowledge manager

Annelore Vriens, Project and knowledge manager

Maïté de Hemptinne, Consultant

Kristel Van den Bergh, Consultant

Alexandrine Goessens, Consultant

Sarah Reyn, Consultant


Sofie Bekaert, Head of Programme Health

Laetitia Aerts, Senior project coordinator

Ann Clé, Senior project coordinator

Anne-Catherine Dubois, Project coordinator

Nisrine El Mesbahi, Project coordinator

Elise Gabriëls, Project coordinator

Bénédicte Gombault, Senior project coordinator

Saïda Sakali, Senior project coordinator

Annemie T'Seyen, Senior project coordinator

Nora Urriagli, Project coordinator

Remi Arnauts, Project and knowledge manager

Martine Cardinael, Project and knowledge manager

Ester De Doncker, Project and knowledge manager

Michèle Duesberg, Project and knowledge manager

Céline Huberty, Project and knowledge manager

Pascale Prête, Project and knowledge manager

An Van Campenhout, Personal assistant to Gerrit Rauws

Isabelle Nguyen, Consultant

Victoire Dieryck, Consultant

Heritage and Culture

Jérémie Leroy, Chief Operation/Financial Officer


Melanie Coisne, Senior project coordinator

Anne De Breuck, Senior programme coordinator

Astrid Fobelets, Senior project coordinator

Laura Goyens, Project coordinator

Jelger Bakker, Project and knowledge manager

Isabelle Carpentier, Project and knowledge manager

Olivia Beckers, Consultant

Gerald de Hemptinne, Consultant

Julie Lenaerts, Consultant

Arthur Pouille, Consultant


Europe and International

Hervé Lisoir, Head of Programme Europe and International

Maartje Houbrechts, Senior project coordinator

Ilya Akman, Project and knowledge manager

Anneke Denecker, Project and knowledge manager

Marijke Goudeseune, Project and knowledge manager

Charlotte Spirlet, Project and knowledge manager

Pascaline van den Hove, Project and knowledge manager

Elke Briers, Consultant

Nathalie Brisbois, Consultant

Stéphanie Smets, Consultant

Patricia Van Houtte, Consultant

Diop Papa Mayacine, Consultant - Africa

Véronique Poverello Kasongo, Consultant - Africa

Niyonkuru Deogratias, Consultant - Africa

Junior Kalonji M., Consultant - Africa

Social Justice and Poverty

Caroline George, Head of Programme Social Justice and Poverty

Yves Dario, Senior project coordinator

Cassandre Fraenkel, Project coordinator

Zoë Kalala, Project coordinator

Jondolar Lambrecht, Project coordinator

Marie Pichault, Project coordinator

Isabelle Fol, Personal assistant to Françoise Pissart

Zyrine Llanes, Project and knowledge manager

Nathalie Troupée, Project and knowledge manager

Numi Van Beek, Project and knowledge manager

De Keyser Ilse, consultant

Deconinck Hélène, consultant

Swolfs Isabelle, consultant

Vander Heyden Sophie, consultant

Wolters Marie, consultant

Local Strategy

Françoise Pissart, Chief Local Strategy

Yves Dario, Senior project coordinator

Isabelle Dannau, Project and knowledge manager

Kristof Van Bunder, Project and knowledge manager

Freddy Genten, Consultant German-speaking Community

Géraldine Van houte, Consultant

Elisa Vainsel, Consultant

Camille Claeys, Consultant

Regional Funds

Stefanie Albers, Coordinator Community Fund for East Flanders

Koen Brebels, Communication-fundraising Community Fund for East Flanders

Diederik Martens, Project manager Community Fund for East Flanders

Jan Despiegelaere, Senior project coordinator of the Community Fund for West Flanders

Emma De Smet, Project and knowledge manager Community Fund for West Flanders

Tom Delmotte, Project and knowledge manager Community Fund for West Flanders

Kathy Perneel, Consultant Community Fund for West Flanders

Griet Witdouck, Consultant Community Fund for West Flanders


Ludwig Forrest, Chief Philanthropy Officer

Centre for Philanthropy

Colienne Linard, Philanthropy advisor

Victoria Ryelandt, Philanthropy advisor

Sara Van Acker, Philanthropy advisor

Auriane Van Hecke, Philanthropy advisor

Isabelle Dannau, Project and knowledge manager

Ilse Deblende, Project and knowledge manager

Marianne Neirinckx, Project and knowledge manager

Carine Poskin, Personal assistant to Jérémie Leroy

Laura Van Cleemput, Project and knowledge manager

Nathalie Van De Velde, Project and knowledge manager

Nicolas Bastenie, Consultant

Hélène de Fabribekcers, Consultant

Lotje De Ridder, Consultant

Géraldine Van houte, Consultant

Sylvie Van Houtte, Consultant

Leila Badis, Consultant - France

Ombeline Eloy, Consultant - France

Joseph Le Marchand, Consultant - France

Laure Vienot-Tronche, Consultant - France

Cécile Hyafil Guillerme, Consultant - United Kingdom

Johannes Lukas Gartner, Consultant - Germany


Vera Billen, Philanthropy advisor

Sarah Casier, Senior project coordinator

Alexandra Van de Gaer, Project and knowledge manager

Stephanie Vandaele, Consultant

Charlotte Vermeire, Consultant

Transnational Giving Europe (TGE)

Anne-Laure Paquot, Project coordinator

Support services


Peter Poulussen, Head of Communication

Thierry Van Noppen, Communication manager

Cathy Verbyst, Communication manager

Anne Bruwier, Project and knowledge manager

Aïsha Van Roy, Project and knowledge manager

Monique Verbeek, Project and knowledge manager

Aurélie Vettese, Project and knowledge manager

Contact Centre

Fatima Abbach, Contact Centre Officer

Sylvie Debecker, Contact Centre Officer

Liesbeth Ory, Contact Centre Officer

Data analysis

Arnon Vandenberghe, Data-analyst

Chloé Vandendriesche, Data-analyst

Géraldine Rase, Project and knowledge manager

Human Resources

Ann De Mol, Head of HR

Falke Mortier, HR manager

Charlotte Princen, HR manager

Pascale Criekemans, HR officer

Anaïs Musimenta, HR officer

Project Management Office

Pascale Taminiaux, Senior project coordinator

Marie Van den Dooren, Personal assistant

Carine Poskin, Personal assistant


Brigitte Duvieusart, Head of Strategy


Jérémie Leroy, Chief Operation/Financial Officer

Grants and donations Team

Karin Lippert, Head of Grants and Donations

Rkia Akharaze, Grants and donation officer

Hajar Bssissen, Grants and donation officer

Diego Caporusso, Grants and donation officer

Danielle Chau, Grants and donation officer

Heidi Dessers, Grants and donation officer

Kosmo Devos, Grants and donation officer

Maxime Di Tullio, Grants and donation officer

Julie Dops, Grants and donation officer

Sarah Laouaji, Grants and donation officer

Hasret Mola, Grants and donation officer

Sylvia Preudhomme, Senior grants and donation officer

Charlotte Spirlet, Project and knowledge manager

Laurine Vanackere, Project and knowledge manager

Els Van Hauwermeiren, grants and donation officer


Thomas Prévost, Head of Technology

Sandrine Deguent, Project coordinator

Chloé Vandendriesche, Data-analyst


Annick Van Asbroeck, Head of Immo

Delphine Brabant, Project and knowledge manager

Anne Hassewer, Project and knowledge manager

Philippe Lievens, Project and knowledge manager


Jeroen De Keer, Head of Investments

Sybren Devoghel, Junior Investment Manager


Auriane Van Hecke, legal advisor

Accounting & Finance

Seline Armut, Accountant

Amal Boussouahel, Accountant

Diane Havugimana, Accountant

Maaike Jansen, Accountant

Fatima Kaïdi, Accountant

Catherine Le Riche, Finance and Accounting Specialist

Xavier Robeyns, Business Controller

Raf Van den Borre, Accountant

Knowledge & Impact Centre

Gerrit Rauws, Chief Knowledge & Impact

An Van Campenhout, Personal assistant

Arnon Vandenberghe, Data-analyst

Facility management

Ann De Mol, Head of HR

Dario Oliviera, Facility

Quentin Rits, Facility

Ann Devalckeneer, Front desk Officer

Xana Will, Front desk Officer

Myriad USA

Jean-Paul Warmoes, Executive Director

Elisabeth de Almeida, Gifts Administrator

Suzanna Erickson, Grants Manager

Ellena Fotinatos, Deputy Director, Donor and Nonprofit Services

Hafeeza Rashed, Senior Advisor, Communications and Outreach

Kady Sylla, Senior Advisor Africa

Myriad Canada

Benoît Fontaine, Executive Director

Ronit Yarosky, Senior Program Manager

Mélina Zitiello, Office Manager

Julie Chaillou, Project assistant