International philanthropy

As you consider where you would most like to make a difference, your thoughts may turn to projects and causes further from home. People and places you have encountered through work and travel, or through international family ties, might benefit from your help.

It is in this spirit that we have created the Myriad alliance for borderless giving. This builds on nearly 30 years of the Foundation operations on the ground in North America and on the long-established expertise of Give2Asia, a U.S. philanthropic foundation, among other partners. Our objective is to facilitate and encourage cross-border philanthropy, easing your path across fiscal, legal, and administrative frontiers create and helping realise your ideas, wherever in the world you choose to apply them.

Multiple advantages

Thanks to Myriad, donors (private individuals, businesses, and organisations) across four continents can support good causes in almost 100 countries, benefitting from:

  • high quality philanthropy services and advice;
  • numerous geographical options for making donations;
  • an extensive network of not-for-profit organisations and beneficiaries to support;
  • administrative and fiscal facilities.

International cooperation

The Myriad alliance is anchored in, and strengthens, existing collaboration between several international philanthropy structures:

  • the King Baudouin Foundation (also known as Myriad Europe) , establishes links between donors and projects supported in Belgium, Europe, Africa and Latin America. The King Baudouin Foundation is also one of the leading founding partners of the Transnational Giving Europe network.
  • Myriad USA, draws on over two decades of experience in offering advice and made-to-measure solutions for US donors wishing to support good causes abroad, in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. In addition to the fiscal facilities it permits, our partner is reputed for its in-depth knowledge of local legislation regarding international donations and the not-for-profit sector in Europe and Africa. Myriad USA also works with universities, museums, and other not-for-profit European and African institutions that wish to raise funds in the United States.
  • Myriad CANADA, supports philanthropists – private individuals, families, businesses and foundations – that wish to support good causes throughout the world. Founded in 2017, this philanthropic organisation registered in Canada develops personalised solutions that take account of each donor’s particular wishes. Thanks to Myriad CANADA, donors can fulfil their philanthropic ambitions via international projects conducted throughout the world and can benefit from Myriad CANADA’s knowledge of Canadian legislation and fiscal advantages.
  •  Myriad Australia, an international nonprofit based in Melbourne that serves as a strategic partner and ally for philanthropy. Myriad Australia offers a suite of services for Australian individuals, corporates, and not-for-profits.
  • Give2Asia, a U.S.-based Public Charity that helps donors based across the globe to facilitate full-cycle grantmaking in China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong SAR. Give2Asia’s deep local knowledge, 20 years of experience, and specialised local offices offer individuals, corporations, and associations guidance and facilities to achieve their philanthropic goals.
  • Give2Asia Foundation (Hong Kong), founded in 2012 under Section 88 as a charitable organisation. Give2Asia Foundation (Hong Kong) serves as a local partner for philanthropy and works with individuals, corporations, and private foundations to achieve their charitable goals. Its strategic location in Hong Kong SAR allows for the facilitation of cross-border giving for causes within the Greater Bay Area and worldwide.
  • Gift Trust New Zealand, a registered charity that’s been helping donors simplify and amplify their giving since 2009.


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