Your philanthropic engagement

Close to home, but also internationally

Would you like to contribute to making the world a better place, close to home and/or abroad? Are you looking for a project that suits your enthusiasm, your ambition, or your life’s path?

The King Baudouin Foundation is at the disposal of philanthropists who wish to act in the general interest in Belgium, Europe and elsewhere in the world. Tell us your story and we will be pleased to help you transform your wish into effective and sustainable action. So that, together, we make the difference.

"Philanthropy is not the preserve of the wealthy. We can all support the common good."
Peter Piot
Honorary President The King Baudouin Foundation

How can we help you?

"I’d like to support scientific research into a rare disease."
"I want to help create sustainable businesses in developing countries."
"I dream of contributing to safeguarding the heritage of a region I care about."
"My business wants to support a good cause in Belgium, Europe or internationally."

In function of your particular wishes and objectives, as an individual or a business, we develop together with you a made-to-measure solution for the means that you would like to devote to philanthropy, either close to home or internationally.

Which solution for your philanthropic project?

Find out more about some of our philanthropic tools. 
We are, of course, completely at your disposal to adapt any of them to your project.


There are various options:

You can also get involved by supporting a local project or contribute to the development of your region.

Thanks to Transnational giving Europe and the Myriad alliance for borderless giving, your philanthropic initiative can also benefit from donations from abroad (Europe, the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia etc.).


There are various options:

Your business can also support development in your region.

Thanks to Transnational giving Europe and the Myriad alliance for borderless giving, the philanthropic initiative of your business can also benefit from donations from abroad (Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Australia etc.).

Centre for Philanthropy

Clarify and organise your philanthropic project

With more than 30 years’ expertise and a vast network in Belgium and internationally, our Centre for Philanthropy can help you to clarify your wishes and plan, organise, manage and evaluate the impact of your project. You retain control and choose to what extent you would like to be involved.

Our philanthropy advisers are always on hand. They are ready to inform and support you, particularly in relation to legal, fiscal and administrative aspects. Thanks to their position of independence and their pragmatism, they help you to bring your philanthropic engagement to fruition and always with the aim of doing more philanthropy and doing it better, together.




Your philanthropic project in 5 steps

  • 1. Clarify

    What is your objective? What are the challenges to meet? Who could be your partner on the ground?

  • 2. Plan

    Which tool will have most impact and be most advantageous for you?

  • 3. Organise

    How can your project best be organised, strategically, financially and practically?

  • 4. Manage

    How can your project and the donations it receives best be managed?

  • 5. Evaluate its impact

    Are your objectives being met? Are any corrections needed?

Make a donation

Would you like to support one of the Funds managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, a project account, or one of the Foundation’s particular activities, in Belgium or abroad? If so, you can make a donation safely and quickly.

Donations and bequests

Would you like to make a donation or a bequest (of moveable or immovable assets, works of art etc.) and create your own Fund or philanthropic activity, or support an existing fund, or one of the King Baudouin Foundation’s initiatives? Our Centre for Philanthropy will be pleased to advise and help you in any such undertaking.

Inspiring engagement!

Rebuilding Hope in Türkiye after the 2023 devastating earthquakes

"After the earthquake, we were devastated both financially and emotionally. Here we are trying to rebuild our lives with your support. I feel stronger now, we are in great solidarity with my neighbors and the institutions that support us, and this is good for us."
Ms. Hacer
Victim of the earthquake in Türkiye

Cleaning up farming in Benin and the rest of Africa

To achieve that result, we had to convince farmers, because initially they were very hesitant to use the organic products.Today, they follow us, especially since they no longer have to wear protective clothing to avoid burns caused by the chemical products. BioPhyto products are better for their health and that of the population, which can now count on healthy and organic food. And that means great long-term progress for health, the environment and the economy."
Gildas Zodomè
Founder Bio Phyto