About us

An independent and pluralist foundation for the public interest

For over 45 years, the King Baudouin Foundation has been acting for the common good together with numerous partners, experts and donors. Our activities aim to foster sustainable and positive change in society, in Belgium, Europe and around the world.

Thanks to the support we give, we empower organisations and citizens working to create a better society. We accompany philanthropists and donors (individuals, companies, or organisations) wishing to take action for the common good on any continent and in any area of the general interest, notably through our founding membership of the Myriad alliance for borderless giving.

The King Baudouin Foundation has at its disposal its own capital. Its independent governing bodies represent the pluralism of society.

How we work

In each of our programmes, we combine different ways of working so as to maximise our impact on society.

Our toolkit


    Gathering stakeholders to discuss societal topics.


    Raising public awareness about certain topics to bring about change.


    Mobilising policy makers on specific topics.


    Support for organisations and individuals. Societal investment.


    Facilitating philanthropy - via, not for, the Foundation.


    Collecting and disseminating pertinent facts and figures.


Pluralism and independence are two of the King Baudouin Foundation’s key values. From our Board of Governors to the juries on our calls for projects, the composition of our bodies of governance is always pluralist, reflecting the diversity within society.


Budget and sources of income

With a budget of 203,4 million euros in 2024, the King Baudouin Foundation is the largest public utility foundation in Belgium. Our budget comes from four main sources of finance.


Financial management

Our financial management is overseen by several bodies. Every year, we publish our accounts and a balance sheet, as well as a financial report.

Measure impact

We evaluate our activities at various levels, as we also do for the projects and individuals we support. This systematic evaluation enables us to learn from our beneficiaries, to draw lessons for the future and to refine and adapt our approach and working methods.