Budget and sources of income

The King Baudouin Foundation has a significant budget at its disposal, which makes it the largest public utility foundation in Belgium. The 2023 budget amounts to 166,5 million euros.

We have four main sources of financing:

  • The capital of the numerous Funds that we manage. We use approximately 4% of the market value of the funds’ assets, amounting to 125.2 million euros. This capital provides us with considerable clout: beyond any purely financial aspect, the funds enable us to explore new fields and ways of working as well as new activities.
  • Philanthropic initiatives (Project accounts, corporate funds, and ‘Friends of’ funds constitute 9.1 million euros. These different options enable us to respond to the specific profiles of our various philanthropists (private individuals, businesses and organisations).
  • Our own capital. We deduct roughly 4% of the market value of the assets of the Foundation’s own capital, amounting to 22.4 million euros.
  • The annual donation made by the Belgian National Lottery. Representing 9.8 million euros, this income is used strategically, enabling us to focus on certain themes for example.

With thanks to the National Lottery and its players, and to our many donors for their ongoing commitment.