KBF worldwide

Headquartered in Brussels, the King Baudouin Foundation is a European foundation that is active in Belgium, Europe and internationally. Over the years, we have developed an extensive network across the world that has enabled us to become a leading actor in cross-border philanthropy. This network, which is constantly developing, is an essential tool for philanthropists wishing to act for the common good, in their own country and/or abroad.

In Belgium

Close to you, in your region and nationally: the King Baudouin Foundation is active at all levels. We support individuals and organisations in the four corners of Belgium. We tackle the problems of society that concern us all. And, of course, we facilitate philanthropy in all fields of public interest. We support philanthropists and donors (individuals, companies, organisations) who wish to offer their commitment and give a meaning to their undertakings in Belgium as well as abroad.

In Europe

We attach great importance to European aspects. This is not only because many European issues in society require European cooperation, but also because we wish to contribute to safeguarding those aspects of European integration already acquired, as well as to strengthening European democracy.

We support civil society organisations across the EU and we work with over 50 partner foundations with the aim of making our voice heard at the European level.

We also facilitate European philanthropy through Transnational Giving Europe, a network that enables European donors to make donations quickly and easily across most EU countries. This network also provides associations with the possibility of fundraising abroad.

Furthermore, the King Baudouin Foundation enjoys authorisations in France, the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Denmark, which enable donors established in these countries to make donations to the Foundation while benefitting from tax advantages in their own country.


As a member of our ‘family’, the King Baudouin Foundation US (KBFUS) facilitates and supports philanthropic flow from the USA to Europe and Africa. This American philanthropic organisation, created in 1997, offers advice and made-to-measure solutions for American donors wishing to support good causes abroad. In addition to the fiscal facilities it permits, KBF US is also notable for its in-depth knowledge of American legislation regarding international donations and the not-for-profit sector in Europe and Africa.

KBFUS also works with universities, museums and other not-for-profit European and African institutions that wish to fundraise in the United States of America.


Canada: KBF Canada

As another member of our ‘family’, the King Baudouin Foundation Canada (KBF CANADA) supports philanthropists – private individuals, families, businesses and foundations – that wish to support good causes throughout the world. Founded in 2017, this philanthropic organisation registered in Canada develops personalised solutions that take account of each donor’s particular wishes. Thanks to KBF Canada, donors can fulfil their philanthropic ambitions via international projects conducted throughout the world and can benefit from KBF Canada’s knowledge of Canadian legislation and fiscal advantages.

KBF Canada also works in the implementation of projects with universities, museums and other not-for-profit organisations in Europe, Africa, Asia, the USA, Central America and South America.


Elsewhere in the world

We accompany philanthropists and donors (individuals, companies, organisations) wishing to act in favour of the public interest at an international level whatever the continent or field of activity. In Global South, we support local projects and actors for change who contribute to the development of their country. To increase our impact we collaborate closely within the Myriad alliance with KBFUS and KBF CANADA, our North American entities, and Give 2 Asia, an American philanthropic organisation with branches in Hong Kong SAR and Australia.