Transnational Giving Europe

Facilitating philanthropy in Europe.

Thanks to the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) network, coordinated by the King Baudouin Foundation, a donor in Belgium (an individual, business or organisation) can support a project of general interest in another European country while also benefitting from a tax advantage in Belgium.

Inversely, the TGE network also enables organisations and associations in Belgium to collect donations made in other European countries. Donations made by European donors (whether individuals, businesses or organisations) are tax deductible, in line with the legislation of the countries concerned.

20 countries

Thanks to collaboration between the national partner foundations, 20 European countries are already members of the TGE network:

    In future, the network hopes to extend its services across the entire European Union.

    Online platform

    In order to simplify cross-border donations even more and also boost European philanthropy, donations made through the TGE network can also be made through an online donations platform. Thanks to this simple-to-use digital solution, individuals and businesses have the option of making donations to the causes and organisations of their choice in Europe, while also benefitting from the tax advantages offered in their country of residence as well as within a secure legal and fiscal framework.


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