Asia and Australia

Support for philanthropists wishing to get involved with projects of public interest in Asia and Australia, in collaboration with Give2Asia.

In the Asia-Pacific region too, the King Baudouin Foundation is active thanks to the involvement of philanthropists and donors in strengthening actors in key sectors such as health, training and the economy. We support local actors, individuals and organisations that contribute to their country’s development. In order to increase our impact, we work closely with KBFUS and KBF CANADA, as well as with our partner Give2Asia.

Our activities

  • we support individuals, organisations and businesses that wish to contribute to supporting projects of public interest in Asia and Australia
  • we support individuals and local organisations
  • and we allocate loans and bank guarantees to actors in civil society. For further information go to our sub-programme Businesses for development.

Asia and Australia is part of the programme International

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Meeting with girls regarding importance of personal hygiene for good mental health

Sahayog society for participatory rural development

Mental health project for adolescents in rural communities of Nainital district (India)

Destigmatisation of mental health issues in rural areas, as well as counselling, treatment and help desks for adolescent boys and girls.

Kolvenbach Social Educational Welfare Society

Hoop Choral Project: presentation of vulnerable children's talents to potential sponsors.

After many rehearsals, performance of songs in the languages of various religious traditions, to raise funds for the Gandhi Ashram School (Indian Himalayas).

World Vision Lanka

Project Happy Meal: provision of a daily nutritional meal for pre-school children in Sri Lanka

With NGO support, helping families to develop agricultural activities for their own subsistence and to provide vegetables for the ongoing provision of pre-school children's meals…

Funds and philanthropic tools

European Friends of Accept International

The organization specifically tackles violent extremism from the bottom-up, in order to resolve terrorism and unending conflicts by conducting radicalization prevention programs.

Guido Valcke (Fund)

The Guido Valcke Fund wants to give children in the South the chance to enjoy a good education and upbringing.

Carpe Diem (Fund)

In Belgium, improve the well-being and dignity of cancer patients. In Cambodia, support mine clearance, as well as hospital care and education for children.