Support for projects of public interest in Central and West Africa and empowerment of local leaders.

Benin, Burundi, DR Congo, Senegal and Togo benefit from priority support of the King Baudouin Foundation. We support projects that aim to have a social impact and favour economic self-sufficiency, while also taking account of global warming. We support the local leaders in civil society (individuals, organisations and social enterprises) and we encourage knowledge sharing among them. And in order to increase our impact, we work with other partners and philanthropic organisations, through the Myriad alliance for borderless giving.

Our activities

  • we support individuals, organisations and businesses that wish to contribute to improving the living conditions of people in Africa
  • we provide financial and/or technical aid to organisations and leaders in civil society for their development projects or general functioning
  • we allocate loans and bank guarantees to actors in civil society. Further information is available in our sub-programme Businesses for development
  • and we promote good practices and networking between the actors of civil society.

Africa focus countries: Benin, Burundi, DR Congo, Senegal, Togo is part of the programme International

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Peace Simon

Tanzania: partnership for sustainable water management using the innovative Mwater toolkit

Internship in collaboration with the Women Water Watch project to train women in using the Mwater toolkit to analyse water quality.


Emergency help following earthquake, Amizmiz

Reducing the rate of children leaving school with donation of mountain bikes to pupils, planting fruit trees, setting up sports, games and recreation areas, etc.

Rugby Club Tanora Soavimasoandro

Rugbyclub Tanora Soavimasoandro, Madagaskar

Installing a basketball pitch for use whenever the rugby pitches are submerged during the rainy season.

Funds and philanthropic tools

Dr Denis Mukwege - Panzi Hospital Fund

Purchase of medical material, study grants (for doctors, psychologists and parajurists) in the DRC or elsewhere, support for social reintegration projects, building health centre…

Elman Peace & Human Rights Centre (European Friends Fund)

The NGO Elman Peace was awarded the KBF Africa Prize 2020-21. The organisation combats violence and promotes social justice in Somalia and beyond.

Willy et Louise De Cocker-Vande Kerkhove (Fund)

Support for people who are hard of hearing or deaf, in Belgium and around the world.


Helping Congo to jump on the digital train


“You can graduate from university here without having ever touched a computer.”
Samy Mwamba
joint founder of Itot Africa

Using data to help combat malnutrition


"Official figures state that one in two children are chronically malnourished, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg; the real figures are even higher."
Paediatrician Adolphe Nyakasane
manager of the NGO Kesho Congo