Global philanthropy

Support for philanthropists wishing to get involved with projects of public interest across various continents.

Philanthropists who wish to act on several continents will find in the King Baudouin Foundation a valuable partner putting its expertise and philanthropic infrastructure at their disposal.

Myriad, the alliance between the King Baudouin Foundation, is affiliates in North America and Give2Asia represents an important asset. Through such cooperation, cross-border giving is facilitated across five continents and through various international philanthropic structures, notably:

Philanthropists and donors alike benefit from more geographical options, an extensive network of not-for-profit organisations to support, and quality philanthropic services and advice.

Our activities

  • we support individuals, organisations and businesses that wish to support projects of public interest on several continents
  • and we support organisations of civil society that wish to fundraise across several continents.

Global philanthropy is part of the programme International

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Calls for projects

Access to Water 2021 Elisabeth and Amelie Fund

Support for projects of Belgian organizations working in countries in the southern hemisphere to improve access to drinking water.

Selection announced

Elisabeth & Amélie Fund - access to water - 2022

Support for projects of Belgian organizations working in countries in the southern hemisphere to improve access to water.

Selection announced

Call Scholarships 2021 Elisabeth & Amelie Fund

Grants to enable foreign masters’ students to do an internship in sustainable water management in a developing country. Grants awarded by the Elisabeth & Amélie Fund.

Selection announced



Soutien Ecoles patriarcat Grec Melkite Catholique de Jérusalem

Support the schools of the Greek Melkite Catholic Patriarchate (3,500 students in the Bethlehem area), whose financial situation has been severely affected by the pandemic.

Help Osra Ethiopia

Stromend water voor gezondheidscentrum en dorpelingen in Bili (Ethiopië) / De l'eau courante pour le centre de santé et les villageois de Bili (Éthiopie)

Electrically pump water from a drilled well, send it to an elevated cistern and drain it to the village center for hygienic use by all.

Nature, Sciences & Cultures Liège

Bouwen van watertoren voor drinkwatervoorziening bushdispensarium in Akpro Missérété, Benin / Un château d'eau pour alimenter un dispensaire de brousse en eau potable à Akpro Missérété, Bénin

Solar panels, wastewater treatment, dry toilets (fertilizer for plant cultivation) and reforestation of the site (natural air conditioning).

Funds and philanthropic tools

SAP CSR EMEA Charity Account

Support for organizations engaged in the education of young people and the underprivileged and for projects providing economic opportunities.

Duyck Kindekens (Fund)

Contribute to comprehension and cooperation between different cultures and civilisations in Europe, the East and the Arab world through support for intercultural and interfaith d…

European Friends of Ben Gurion University

Support of the education, research and regional development activities within the framework of the university.