USA and Canada

Facilitating the flux of philanthropy from and to the United States and Canada, in collaboration with Myriad USA and Myriad CANADA.

In order to increase its impact internationally, the King Baudouin Foundation works closely with the members of the Myriad alliance for borderless giving created together with its ‘family’: Myriad USA and Myriad CANADA, and through its partnership with Give2Asia, a U.S.-based Public Charity with local antennas in Hong Kong SAR and Australia.

Myriad USA is at the service of American philanthropists and donors who wish to support good causes in Europe and Africa. KBF CANADA provides support for Canadian philanthropists and donors who wish to develop charitable projects internationally. Via charitable funds that we manage, the Foundation also supports projects in the United States and Canada, notably projects relating to training.

Our activities

  • we advise and propose made-to-measure solutions for American and Canadian donors who wish to support good causes abroad
  • and we support projects of general interest in the United States and Canada.

USA and Canada is part of the programme Europe & international

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EPIC Foundation France

Fonds Ernest Solvay/Epic Foundation France: steun voor innovatieve leesvaardigheidstool in USA / Fonds Ernest Solvay/Epic Foundation France : soutien à un outil d'apprentissage de la lecture (USA)

Helping teachers in the U.S. develop literacy/language skills for vulnerable students through a free online reading program developed by CommonLit

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Complete reinterpretation of existing modern and contemporary galleries.

Funds and philanthropic tools

European Friends International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR)

The general aim of ISTR is to promote the development of high-quality research and education internationally on Third Sector related issues, theories, and policies.

European Friends of The Metropolitan Opera - The Met Fund

Contribution to the Metropolitan Opera’s leading force in the world of performing arts for the last 135 years.