Bolster the debate around the future of Europe.

Ever since the Foundation was founded, we have been working to strengthen democracy in Europe. One major element in these efforts is the development of a strong network to improve collaboration around Europe-wide topics, for the sake of Europe's future and every citizen of Europe.

To realise this ambition, we work closely together in a long-term partnership with the European Policy Centre (EPC) and the Egmont Institute. On top of that, the launch of an alliance consisting of the EPC and national think tanks is due to enhance collaboration on important European topics. This alliance will be based at the European Think Tank House in Brussels.

Topics high on the agenda include the expansion policy of the European Union into the Western Balkan region, support for humanitarian projects and the media sector in Ukraine, and the Russian media in exile.

Europe in brief

  • We enhance collaboration around several European topics.
  • We are developing a strong European network to safeguard democracy in Europe.
  • We support humanitarian projects in Ukraine.

Europe is part of the programme Europe & international

Calls for projects

Nike Community Impact Fund 2023 Berlin

For stronger communities in Berlin, thanks to the power of sport.

Selection announced

Nike Community Impact Fund 2023 Paris

For stronger communities in Paris, thanks to the power of sport.

Selection announced

Nike Community Impact Fund Berlin 2022

Create stronger communities in Berlin (Germany) through the power of sport.

Selection announced


Help Osra Ethiopia

En Ethiope, accès et gestion de l'eau pour contribuer au développement de 200 agricultures familiales qui y trouveront un nouvel espoir. Les orienter vers des diversifications nouvelles; améliorer la gestion de l'irrigation

Drilling two wells to provide quality water to 200 farmers in Birbirsa (Ethiopia); developing their knowledge of irrigation management and respect for the environment; introducin…


Maximale benutting van het beschikbare water in Tilli, Ghana, met bijzondere aandacht voor de toegankelijkheid voor vrouwen

Developing strategies, easy-to-apply innovations and activities to maximise the use of available water in Tilli (Ghana) for the existing irrigation fields in order to contribute …

Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung gemeinnützige Aktiengesellschaft

Spree-Bären integrated canoe lessons in the heart of Berlin.

Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung organises affordable canoeing lessons, including excursions of several days, for some 40 vulnerable children (aged 10-14), each year.

Funds and philanthropic tools

European Friend Fund Goblis Foundation

Goblis Foundation offers a ground-breaking strategy that combines grassroots identification, incubation, and acceleration of underserved founders from marginalized communities.

European Friends of We Think Code NPC (Fund)

WeThinkCode is an organisation in South Africa that offers free training to underserved population in software engineering.


Revisiting Congo’s history to build its future


“Our citizens have always refused to surrender.”
Elikia M’Bokolo

The FXBVillage model helps the poorest in the world to regain their dignity, with sustained results


"Our approach simultaneously addresses five aspects in an integrated way: nutrition, health, education, healthy housing and environment, and economic empowerment."
Christine Eggs
Director of FXB