Mental health

Promoting mental health in general and the well-being of care providers.

Stigmatisation, difficulties in getting work … People who suffer from mental illness – and in Belgium this concerns one in three people – face difficulties that complicate their (re-)integration into society. For more than 10 years, the King Baudouin Foundation has acted in partnership with the Queen Fabiola and Julie Renson Fund to bring about changes in attitudes regarding mental health and to promote the recovery of people suffering from psychological problems.

Our activities

  • raising awareness and informing people about questions relating to negative social representations of people suffering from a psychological vulnerability
  • support for initiatives that reinforce recovery among those suffering from psychological problems
  • support and encouragement for networking among those working in the mental health sector
  • paying particular attention to mental healthcare professionals within their context of working under stress.

Mental health is part of the programme Health

Funds and philanthropic tools

Red Noses Fund

Supporting projects for the health of children and young people in Flanders.

Fund Medisch Centrum Sint-Jozef

Support of the recovery-oriented activities of the Medisch Centrum Sint-Jozef vzw.

Fund Gerald Futter

Supporting projects for those who feel stigmatised or excluded. Initiatives that help people regain their dignity and their place in society.Support of the recovery-oriented acti…

Press Releases

Research in transition psychiatry, a necessity to improve the care of young people with mental suffering

01 07 2021