Quality of care

Investing in the quality of care for people living at home or in a care home.

Ensuring quality of care lies at the heart of an effective healthcare system. The King Baudouin Foundation is committed to contribute to such a system, not just for those living in their own home but also for people living in a care home. Thanks to the considerable means made available by the Dr. Daniël De Coninck Fund, we are able to invest in primary care as well as in the quality of life for people requiring support and care at home.

Our activities

  • support for research and expanding knowledge on primary care
  • encouraging innovation to make the care professions more attractive
  • investing in the implementation of technology in home care, which improves the quality of life for patients and their families
  • support for the development and perpetuation of caring neighbourhoods that offer care and support, in which there is cooperation between local inhabitants, authorities and frontline professionals
  • support initiatives in care homes that have a direct impact on residents’ quality of life
  • encourage collaboration and partnerships, particularly European and international, around integrated community care.

Quality of care is part of the programme Health

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Calls for projects

Fund Benevermedex - Assure your future

Support to research in the field of private insurances for the benefit of victims of accidents


Multiple Sclerosis Research

Improving the quality of care and the quality of life of patients with Multiple Sclerosis and their relatives


Fund Claire Fauconnier & Fund Guy Sallets

Supporting research on the quality of care in multiple sclerosis

Selection announced


Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Predicting Return to Work using Administrative Data.

Supported project of Koen Putman : Predicting Return to Work using Administrative Data

Ghent University

Identifying a unique molecular cell profile on synovial biopsies in erosive hand osteoarthritis patients: a proof of concept (IMRPESSION study)

Support to the research project: 'Identifying a unique molecular cell profile on synovial biopsies in erosive hand osteoarthritis patients: a proof of concept (IMRPESSION study)'…

Dominiek Savio

Tailored advice on housing for people with non-congenital brain injuries

Development of a methodology to provide tailored advice on adaptations to the home of a person with a non-congenital brain injury.

Funds and philanthropic tools

Mia en Julo (Fonds)

Supporting projects related to the care of cancer patients and sick children.

Fund Raadsheer Carlos Danneels

Support to quality of life of children suffering from a long-term disease and emergy medical aid.

Jeannine et Louise Jacquemotte (Fund)

Worldwide, support to poor people and children in the field of health and protection of biodiversity. In Belgium, support to cancer patients and for the heritage of Huy.

Press Releases

17 Funds, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, contribute to better care for patients with rare diseases

08 03 2024

KBF strengthens rare disease research and care thanks to 17 Funds

Marieke, Addicted to life – the right to die gave her the will to live

27 01 2023

This documentary about the last three years of Marieke Vervoort's life examines existential and moral questions about how we reflect on dying and living.


Marieke’s addiction to life

Quality of care

"I had my own life under control. And look, I’m still here. You’re always doing more and more because you’ve got your own life in your hands. You can say when it’s enough."
Marieke Vervoort
athlete, Paralympics Rio 2016