Healthy ageing

Promote the autonomy and social inclusion of older people.

Whether through demographic trends or longer life expectancy, the population of European countries keeps getting older. For many years now, the King Baudouin Foundation has been working to support the elderly and the issues that affect them: adapted residential care environments, early care planning, palliative care, dementia and so on. Many philanthropists concerned with the quality of life of older people have joined us in these efforts.

Our actions

  • We regularly survey the needs of people over the age to 60, so that we can better anticipate and respond to their requirements.
  • We invest in the application of the Tubbe model at both the national and European level: a participatory approach towards residential care homes that focuses on building relationships.
  • We invest in first-line care and in the quality of life of people who need care and assistance at home, including the elderly.
  • We invest in those providing care to the elderly: care professionals, residents, informal carers.
  • We support the design of homes tailored to the elderly.
  • We promote the value of alternative care and forms of support, such as art, culture and nature.

Healthy ageing is part of the programme Health

Calls for projects

Generet (Fund)

A prestigious award to encourage groundbreaking research in rare diseases in Belgium for a better quality of life of patients.

Selection announced

Generet (Fund)

A prestigious award to encourage groundbreaking research in rare diseases in Belgium for a better quality of life of patients.

Selection announced

Poverty in East Belgium - moving more together

Support civil society and organisations that want to sustainably help people affected by or directly threatened by poverty with their projects.

Selection announced


Support for Ukrainian refugees in East Belgium

Additional German workshops, discussion cafés and summer courses for Ukrainians, including toddlers/creative holidays for children (6-12 years)

Digital support for our homework school

Purchase of PCs to help vulnerable (especially migrant) primary school pupils with their homework in order to contribute to their development and school caree

Oudler: the village hall goes green

Given the increase in energy prices, look for alternatives to provide sustainable and cost effective energy for the users of the village hall


Award ceremony 5th Prize Generet into rare diseases

16/02/2023 17:30 until 16/02/2023 21:00

Award Ceremony of the 5th Generet Prize for Rare Diseases

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives


Towards a new management model in care homes based on relation and participation

Funds and philanthropic tools

Fund Houillogne-Hanne

The Fund aims to improve the health and living conditions of the ageing population, with a special focus on arts projects.

Bürgerfonds Ostbelgien

The Bürgerfonds OStbelgien is a fund by East Belgians for East Belgians. It supports initiatives and organisations that work for fellow citizens, true to the motto 'moving more t…

Eudomos (Fund)

The Eudomos Fund supports initiatives in favour of older people in East Belgium.


Care home with a vision on quality care refuses to be overwhelmed by virus

Healthy ageing

“We put even more emphasis on contacts between the residents and contacts with care staff.”
Management of care homes working with Tubbe approach

A combat game against COVID-19

Healthy ageing

"This game is a good way to raise awareness among the personnel and residents about the risks associated with not respecting hygiene rules."
Dominique Gainvorste
Centre Hospitalier EpiCURA