Promoting access to decent long-term housing for vulnerable people, and combatting energy and water poverty.

The rising costs of housing, energy and water represent a real challenge for many people. Attentive to the needs of the most vulnerable, the King Baudouin Foundation endeavours to enable the homeless and poorly housed to have access to decent housing and it fights against energy and water poverty.

Our activities

  • we provide financial support to organisations in the sector that enable vulnerable people to get access to housing
  • we develop and implement a strategy of social investment that focuses on housing for the homeless and single-parent families
  • together with the Platform for fighting fuel poverty, which brings together all actors concerned by this problem, we develop recommendations and each year publish the Barometer of Energy and Water Poverty
  • and we contribute to providing an inventory of the homeless and poorly housed with a view to attracting the attention of government bodies and citizens regarding the reality these people face and the measures to be undertaken.

Housing is part of the programme Social justice & poverty


Un Toit Un Coeur

A path to dignity for the vulnerable: support for the UTUC asbl day centre, Louvain-La-Neuve.

Fundraising aimed at ensuring the survival of the UTUC association after Covid-related restrictions regarding support, staff dismissals and dwindling financial reserves.

Association Restinclières Beaulieu pour le Respect de l'Environnement ( A.R.B.R.E)

Lokale biodiversiteit leren kennen/begrijpen om ze te beschermen / Apprendre et connaître la biodiversité locale pour la protéger

Educate young people about diversity (places, organisms) in municipalities, identify local biodiversity in a participatory way and promote/restore biodiversity in gardens.

Nantes Ville Comestible

Univers’i’Terre : 3 potagers participatifs et solidaires dans le quartier universitaire, Nantes Nord / Univers’i’Terre: 3 participatieve volksmoestuinen in universiteitswijk, Nantes Nord

Create permaculture vegetable gardens with students/inhabitants to increase food security/social cohesion, and distribute the harvests via a solidarity grocery shop

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives

Census of homeless people

Obtaining comparable figures on the extent of homelessness and the profile characteristics of the target group, with the aim of contributing to combating the phenomenon.

Funds and philanthropic tools

Renner Energies (Fund)

Support to projects for the protection of the environment and/or for the development of social cohesion in Belgium and France.

Gilbert Tuts (Fund)

Support humanitarian and health aid in the countries of the South (animal husbandry, care for sick children). In Belgium, support the most disadvantaged, especially the homeless.

Press Releases

Homelessness: establishing numbers to better fight the problem

Results of homelessness counts, organised at the end of 2021 on the initiative of the KBF in Charleroi, Namur, the southern part of West Flanders and the Vilvoorde area.


More than a roof over your head

Housing Migration, Integration & Inclusion

In late 2019 Zinab, from Syria, moved with her children into a home in Boechout. A good reason for a festive diner.

The search for somewhere to live: yes, but not alone!

Migration, Integration & Inclusion Housing

This photo was taken before the COVID-19 crisis. "The ‘sliding tenancy’ reassures owners and increases the opportunities for vulnerable people to find somewhere to live."
Amancay Egas Torres
Collectif de Femmes