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European migration

Building inclusive communities and developing humane and sustainable responses to migration.

Migration is an important factor that contributes to shaping European societies and policies. Civil society plays an essential role in building inclusive communities and in developing humanitarian and sustainable responses to migration, based on Europe’s commitment to universal human rights and social justice. Society can count on support from the King Baudouin Foundation which makes its resources and expertise available, working together with other European partners and foundations to boost its impact.

Our activities

  • as part of the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM), which brings together 25 European foundations, we support and expand the influence of organisations in civil society that develop constructive approaches to migration in Europe (e.g. alternatives to the detention of migrants and humane and effective systems of asylum)
  • and we support the European Policy Centre (EPC) in developing positive and constructive dialogue on migration and sustainable political solutions to the challenges relating to migration in Europe.

European migration is part of the programme Europe


Network of European Foundations for Innovative Cooperation (NEF)


Supporting non-governmental organisations in promoting global approaches to the inclusion of migrants in policy measures, funding schemes and practices in order to strengthen soc…

Network of European Foundations for Innovative Cooperation (NEF)

European Programme for Integration and Migration - Financial Support 2019

Strengthen the role of civil society in contributing constructively to migration in Europe.

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives

European Programme for Integration and Migration

EPIM is an initiative of 25 private foundations with the goal of strengthening the role of civil society in the field of migration and integration.


MiJoRiJa Fund: hope for young dreamers on the run

European migration

“Refugees and migrants have many skills, I don’t want those young people’s talents to be lost.”
Rik Jans
Founder MiJoRiJa Fund