Future of Europe

Fostering debate and developing ideas on how to enhance the European Union.

The last decade has been marked by difficulties in finding common ground for the reform of the European Union and this has led to a slowdown in its development. And yet, thinking about how the EU should develop in order to meet the numerous challenges it faces is more important than ever. Together with its strategic partners, the King Baudouin Foundation encourages and stimulates debate that is free from taboos and as wide-ranging as possible on the future of Europe.

Our activities

  • we support the European Policy Centre, the Egmont Institute and projects such as the New Pact for Europe, in an effort to follow (trans)national debates on the future of the European Union
  • and we bring together members of national parliaments so as to better understand the positions of the various European member states and political groups and to create networks and a platform for debate.

Future of Europe is part of the programme Europe

Press Releases

eupinions poll: European voters worry over cost of Ukraine war as support wobbles

15 12 2023

Latest poll by eupionions, the European opinion survey tool, reveals that the European voters worry over the cost of the Ukraine war as support wobbles.

Europeans anxious but support Ukraine against Russia - Poll

16 02 2023

December poll by eupinions, the European opinion survey tool, reveals that Europeans are anxious but still support Ukraine.

Europeans’ support for Ukraine is declining slightly

05 12 2022

According to the eupinions survey, Europeans' support for Ukraine is slightly decreasing, but a large majority remains in favour of Ukraine's accession to the EU.


Battling Russian Disinformation Across Europe

Future of Europe

“Working with a web of partners enabled us to make it our research into Russian disinformation more cross-European, and the findings more generalisable and valid.”
Rumena Filipova
Research fellow at the Sofia-based Center for the Study of Democracy

Standing together for human rights and democracy in Bulgaria

Future of Europe

“Facing increased attacks on civil society organisations, people were reaching out to each other: we need to stand united.”
Svetlana Mihaylova
Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Bulgarian Fund for Women (BFW)