European Democracy

Empowering civil society as a means of shaping dynamic and open democracies in Europe.

In recent years, European democracies have been sorely tested by, among other things, the euro crisis, the refugee crisis and the covid-19 pandemic. Certain countries are facing the rise to power of authoritarian governments that aim to reduce liberty of expression and a free press, the independence of the judiciary and the rightful place of civil society, elements that form the very basis of democratic societies.

Together with numerous other European foundations, the King Baudouin Foundation works to strengthen democracy in Europe, to build citizen participation – especially among those who are difficult to mobilise – and to strengthen the transparency of institutions.

Our activities

  • as a member of Civitates, a philanthropic initiative committed to democracy and solidarity in Europe and created by 16 philanthropic foundations including the King Baudouin Foundation, we support projects that empower civil society and combat digital disinformation
  • we conduct advocacy, together with other civil society actors, to improve citizen participation within the EU
  • and we support organisations dedicated to improving the transparency of the European institutions.

European Democracy is part of the programme Europe

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“eupinions” is an independent European public opinion platform developed by the Bertelsmann Stiftung.

Philippe Veldeman

Alliance for Citizens ́Participation in the EU

In collaboration with foundations and the European Policy Center advocating for the institutionalization of citizen participation in EU decision-making.