Other European Initiatives

Support for philanthropists who want to get involved in Europe and collaboration with European projects.

Supporting and collaborating with general interest projects in Europe, in a range of sectors including the environment, fighting poverty, health, education and saving our heritage: the King Baudouin Foundation gets involved alongside philanthropists and donors. And in order to enhance still further the impact we make, we also work with other European foundations and partners, notably within the framework of the Transnational Giving Europe network.

Our activities

  • support for philanthropists (private individuals, organisations and businesses) that wish to get involved in public interest projects in one or more European countries
  • supporting projects created by individuals or organisations in one or more European countries
  • collaborating with projects of public interest in Europe in partnership with other European foundations.

Other European Initiatives is part of the programme Europe

Calls for projects

Nike Community Impact Fund The Netherlands 2022

Financial support for organizations in Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Hilversum and Utrecht with the aim of helping the underprivileged communities to become more physically active.

Selection announced

Nike Community Impact Fund Berlin 2022

Create stronger communities in Berlin (Germany) through the power of sport.

Selection announced


Network of European Foundations for Innovative Cooperation (NEF)

Fair Energy Transition for All

With a consortium of European foundations, launch a process of consultation and listening to economically vulnerable people to better understand the impact of the energy transiti…

La comunità cooperativa sociale onlus

Distanti ma Vicini in Genoa

Helping vulnerable people in Genoa (Italy), who are allowed to leave their homes after a long lockdown period, but do not have the means to buy masks, gloves and disinfectant gel…


Karlspreis-Europa-Akademie 2020/21

The Charlemagne Prize Academy awards 5 scholarships (€25 000) each year to young university graduates and young professionals under 35 years of age from an EU Member State or fol…

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives

Fair Energy Transition for All

Empower the voices that are being left out of the Energy Transition debate and develop policy recommendations for a fairer energy transition.

Opportunity Fund Europe

Support of partnership projects with European foundations and projects which strengthen the European work of the Foundation.

Funds and philanthropic tools

Fonds des Amis des Monuments Historiques Français

Promoting the protection of public and private listed historic monuments in France, as well as outstanding residences, parks and gardens that are not protected.

Amélie (Fonds Amélie)

Projects relating to scientific research and health, education, the fight against poverty, help for disabled people, the environment or protection of historical heritage

Press Releases

Pluralis created as impact investment vehicle to help preserve the editorial independence of news organisations in Europe

29 11 2021

The King Baudouin Foundation has helped launch Pluralis, a coalition of European media groups, investors and foundations that will bolster independent news in Europe.