Artificial Intelligence

Understanding the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence for our societies.

Artificial intelligence is an amazing technological opportunity that can serve the public interest and be used to meet some of society’s challenges in areas such as health, the environment and education. However, like all emerging technologies, it also gives rise to a number of questions, particularly regarding ethical aspects. The King Baudouin Foundation is involved in discussions regarding the conception, responsible use and governance of artificial intelligence.

Our activities

  • we have created a coalition of foundations to support research into the implications of artificial intelligence in terms of its governance, regulations and ethics
  • and we are improving the European civic space in which numerous stakeholders can be brought together to discuss issues raised by AI and to ensure that actors of civil society have a stronger voice in the debate.

Artificial Intelligence is part of the programme Europe


Network of European Foundations for Innovative Cooperation (NEF)

Core support: European AI Fund 2023

The European AI Fund provides funding for monitoring the social and political impact of AI and data-driven interventions.

The Data Tank

2023 Data Tank: building bridges between science, civil society and professionals.

Through open access and good data management, focus on enlightened leadership, action research, commitment, creation of a community and the defence of interests.

The Data Tank

Support for Data Tank 2022: building bridges between science, civil society and practitioners.

Focusing on thought leadership, action research and engagement, accentuating open data access and management of data development and use, the creation of a community and advocacy…

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives

European AI (Fund)

The European AI Fund is a philanthropic initiative set up to shape the direction of AI (Artificial intelligence) in Europe.

Press Releases

Strengthening the voice of civil society in debate on AI - European AI Fund grants 1.55 million Euros to 16 public interest organisations

26 07 2021