Digital inclusion

Fighting digital exclusion and empowering social actors in the support they provide for those experiencing digital problems.

The digital divide is a problem that affects a large number of citizens but is concentrated among the most vulnerable. Aware of the challenge that this represents for the most disadvantaged, the Foundation is committed to overcoming digital exclusion.

Our activities

  • we provide financial aid to the actors in society who provide digital support for disadvantaged groups
  • we create networking possibilities and empower those working in the social sector, notably through, a platform that enables them to give support to those experiencing digital problems
  • we highlight the inequalities generated by the digital divide and monitor its development through the Barometer of Digital Inclusion
  • and we raise awareness among government bodies and citizens about the problems encountered by those with little or no access to the digital world

Digital inclusion is part of the programme Social justice & poverty


ToekomstAtelierdelAvenir (TADA)

Een TADA-ecosysteem creëren om digitale uitsluiting te bestrijden / Créer un écosystème TADA pour lutter contre l'exclusion numérique

Strengthening the digital skills of disadvantaged young people via weekend schools, the alumni network and the entourage of young TADAs with a view to their socio-professional in…

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives

Funds and philanthropic tools

Rouw- en verliescafé Vlaanderen vzw - Temse-Steendorp (Projectrekening)

Provide an audio-visual toolbox for the Grief and Loss Café, where people can meet and get information about loss.

BE Central Foundation (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support the projects of the private foundation BeCentral Foundation, which invests in programmes to bridge the digital divide.

IPIS (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support research projects on themes including natural resources, the arms trade, armed conflict, corporate social responsibility and human rights.