Migration, Integration & Inclusion

Encouraging dialogue on issues of migration and improving the socio-economic situation of migrant women.

Belgium is becoming a hyper-diverse society. Almost as many women as men migrate to Belgium, but female migrants who arrive within the context of (official) asylum procedures or through family reunification constitute a particularly vulnerable group. Isolation, administrative dependence on a spouse and low levels of employment are just some of the many difficulties they may face. The King Baudouin Foundation is striving to improve the socio-economic position of women of migrant origin by supporting organisations that implement innovative neighbourhood initiatives.

Our activities

  • we provide support for initiatives that encourage the integration and employment of migrant women
  • we gather information in a barometer of data relating to gender-based integration and employment
  • and we support a project, led by Egmont (the Royal Institute for International Relations) in partnership with the European Policy Centre, which aims to stimulate thinking among stakeholders about the challenges relating to immigration in Belgium within a wider European context.

Migration, Integration & Inclusion is part of the programme Social justice & poverty

We also conduct work in the field of European migration as part of our Europe programme.



Faros, school for refugees and migrants, Athens

Helping teenage refugees and migrants integrate in the Greek education system.

Egmont - Royal Institute for International Relations

Promoting Belgian dialogue on migration

Experts, policymakers, NGOs, and communities come together to discuss migration, asylum, and integration policies and bridge the gaps between different sectors.

Bij Ons Thuis

Financing holiday getaways and a rainwater cistern

Financing holiday getaways and construction of a rainwater cistern.

Funds and philanthropic tools

Duo for a Job (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support projects of Duo For A Job, which brings young people with foreign backgrounds into contact with experienced senior citizens on the labour market.

Interface3 (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support projects of Interface3, a Brussels-based training centre for women seeking employment.

Techfugees (Fonds)

Techfugees is global organisation that empowers displaced persons whilst supporting tech innovations designed by, with and for them.


Promoting critical thinking and self-expression

Migration, Integration & Inclusion

"The women are encouraged to develop a critical view of the world around them and to play an active role in society."
Stéphanie Demeestère
ADIF Infor-Femmes

Les Cuistots Solidaires, helping refugees and winning hearts

Migration, Integration & Inclusion

"We provide food aid and a little humanity to extremely vulnerable people."
Claudio Guthmann
Founder of the citizens’ group Les Cuistots Solidaires

The search for somewhere to live: yes, but not alone!

Migration, Integration & Inclusion Housing

This photo was taken before the COVID-19 crisis. "The ‘sliding tenancy’ reassures owners and increases the opportunities for vulnerable people to find somewhere to live."
Amancay Egas Torres
Collectif de Femmes