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Children and young people

Investing in positive initiatives for the future of children and young people living in poverty.

Growing up in poverty has an impact on every aspect of the day-to-day life of a child and even on his/her future life as an adult. For more than 10 years, the King Baudouin Foundation has been working to ensure that every child has the same opportunities to develop and blossom, and to combat the intergenerational transmission of poverty.

Our activities

  • we provide support to organisations that give quality help to young children living in poverty and support for their parents
  • we encourage meetings between the various levels of government and actors in the field and collaboration on issues of child poverty, and we stimulate the exchange of good practices at European level
  • we conduct advocacy among government bodies and citizens to attract their attention to the reality and needs of children and young people living in poverty
  • and we support projects aimed at children and young people at risk of social exclusion

Children and young people is part of the programme Social justice & poverty

Calls for projects

2023A - Schools Solidarity Accounts

Fundraising to enable schools to financially intervene on behalf of children from underprivileged families and improve their chances of successfully completing their school year.

Selection announced

Nike Community Impact Fund 2023 Barcelona

Por unas comunidades más fuertes en Barcelona, gracias al poder del deporte.


Nike Community Impact Fund 2023 Belgium

Financial support for sports clubs or associations in Antwerp, Limburg or Flemish Brabant working with vulnerable young people.



Côté Solidarité

Floods and solidarity: a guardian angel to help.

Families affected by the floods are assisted by a 'guardian angel', who provides them with moral/legal support and oversees repair work, with a view to returning to 'normal' life…


Opvang en begeleiding van Clarisse Standaert

Taking in and supporting a 16-year-old girl with untreatable psychiatric diagnoses, within a loving care farm, as an alternative to an institution/medication.

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives


INTESYS was a 3 year Project co-funded by the EC's Erasmus+ Programme undertaken by a consortium of partners. It focuses on piloting new approaches to ECEC systems in Europe

Foundation Paul, Suzanne and Renée Lippens

Throughout the year the Lippens Foundation supports innovative projects run by organisations, groups or associations that work to help disadvantaged children in and around Brusse…

Transatlantic Forum on Inclusive Early Years (TFIEY)

The KBF, together with partner foundations from Europe & the US, have created TFIEY, bringing together leading scientists, practitioners, civil society members, business lead…

Funds and philanthropic tools

Fondation Poussière d'étoiles (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support the Poussière d'étoiles Foundation's projects for disadvantaged children and young people to help them build their future.

Exentra (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support projects of the asbl Exentra around professional guidance and advice for families with gifted children or parents who are struggling financially.

Black Community Commitment London (Fund)

Financial support for organisations in greater London that are focused on creating positive impact for Black communities


“When life has been kind to you, there is a moral obligation to help others, so it makes sense to get involved in philanthropy.

Children and young people

“When life has been kind to you, it makes sense to get involved in philanthropy."
Bernard, Gonda and Emily Vergnes

Gasol Foundation tackles child obesity in disadvantaged neighbourhood of Barcelona

Children and young people Healthy living Local and regional citizen involvement

“We consider a child’s family and broader relational context, rather than focusing narrowly on nutrition only.”
Cristina Ribes
Safalín project director