People with a disability

Improving the quality of life and inclusion of people with a disability and their families.

Housing, employment, accessibility and other aspects: there remains a great deal to do to give people with a disability their rightful place in society. The King Baudouin Foundation strives for greater equality and fights the negative representations associated with being disabled in society.

Our activities

  • we support grassroots initiatives that help those with a disability to participate fully in society, to improve their quality of life and that of those close to them
  • we raise awareness and inform people about issues related to disability (respite breaks for the family, employment, the siblings of children and young people with a disability etc.)
  • and we conduct advocacy among government bodies and citizens to attract their attention to the realities and needs of people with a disability and their families.

People with a disability is part of the programme Social justice & poverty


Hulphond Nederland

De opleiding en inzet van een hulphond

Use of a service dog to assist people with a physical and/or mental health condition in their everyday activities, in order to reintegrate into society, with more personal freedo…

Hulphond Nederland

De opleiding en inzet van een Hulphond voor iemand met een lichamelijke/geestelijke zorgvraag

Training of assistance dogs to help people with physical/mental health problems to structure their day, be less dependent on people and participate in society.

Seniorenzentrum St. Franziskus

Sensory equipment for elderly people with dementia at the 'Seniorenzentrum Franziskus'

Purchase didactic and therapeutic equipment for sensory therapy/animation (Snoezelen) for elderly people with dementia

Funds and philanthropic tools

Constellations (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support projects of the asbl Constellations around the living environment, services and activities for people with mental disabilities, regardless of their income…

Lode Verbeeck (Fund)

The Fund finances professional projects that contribute to the development of hippotherapy for adults and children in Flanders. Priority is given to innovative projects, both in …


Defending yourself when you are a woman with a disability

People with a disability

"We teach these women to be strong, free and safe."
Dorothée Van Avermaet
asbl Garance