Animal welfare

Improving animal conditions in human-animal contexts.

Animals play an important role in our society. Whatever the nature of the contact between humans and animals (private, recreational, economic, educational, therapeutic...) may be, it is necessary to improve the conditions of animals by increasing understanding of their needs and sensitivity.

Our activities

  • Supporting those local actors who include animal welfare in their recreational, therapeutic, prevention or awareness activities;
  • Broadening the knowledge and skills related to animal welfare of professionals working with animals;
  • Supporting projects to raise awareness among citizens and consumers about the welfare, needs and sensitivity of animals;
  • Backing structural and international projects paying attention to the societal and health dimension of animal protection.

Animal welfare is part of the programme Climate, the environment and biodiversity


Tierhilfe Hoffnung Hilfe für Tiere in Not e.V.

Smeura - renovation of the existing paddock rows including sewage system

Enlargement and renovation of long rows of dog cages (nos. 14-30 & 33), new floor and roof tiling and relocation of pipes.

Funds and philanthropic tools

The European friends of the Rainforest Alliance account

The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure a sustainable habitat through adapting agricultural, economic and consumer practices.

Hugo International for Respect and Dignity in the relationship with Animals (Fund)

The Hugo Fund supports structural and large-scale international projects that pay attention to the societal and health aspects of animal welfare. It is particularly active in the…