Patient data

Involving citizens in the debate about patient data management.

Patient data are crucial in carrying out research and in the provision of quality care. However, their use and the sharing of such data also raise a number of questions: How do citizens feel about this? Are they sufficiently well-informed? For what uses are they willing to share their data? The King Baudouin Foundation has been examining the ethical, legal and governance aspects relating to the management of medical data.

Our activities

  • we facilitate the participation of citizens and patients in discussions and dialogue about the sharing and use of medical data
  • we identify areas of tension (e.g. security, privacy, freedom of choice and access) and their impact on citizens and patients
  • we encourage dialogue between stakeholders, citizens and patients.

Patient data is part of the programme Health

Press Releases

Belgians know relatively little about the data relating to their health

12 01 2022

According to a recent study on Belgians’ awareness and confidence relating to their health data, commissioned by the KBF, Belgians know little about their data.