Healthy living

Investing more in prevention and in health promotion.

Living healthily enables us to feel better, both physically and mentally. However, the opportunities to adopt a healthy lifestyle are very unequal. Through the Funds that it manages, the King Baudouin Foundation invests in prevention of illness and the promotion of health, particularly among children and young people.

Our activities

  • support for projects that encourage children and young people to eat healthily and exercise
  • support for the promotion of health at school through improving sanitary installations in schools
  • encouraging research on health promotion and illness prevention

Healthy living is part of the programme Health


RaDiOrg - Rare Diseases Belgium

Rare Disease Day

Developing the identity and visual tools in the national campaign for rare diseases.

Donatienne Janne d'Othée


Workshops for parents of a child suffering cancer.

Run for Hope

Snoezelkar / Chariot Sensoriel

Development of Snoezelkar with sensory aids to dispel anxiety, stress, and anger in young patients.

Funds and philanthropic tools

Solvay Solidarity (Fund)

The Group’s executives and shareholders provide help to employees and local communities around the world who are seriously affected by the Covid-19 crisis or any other natural or…

Justine Henin Foundation (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support projects of the Justine Henin Foundation, which promotes sports for sick and disabled children.


Kosmotive : improving girls’ and women’s health in Rwanda

Healthy living

”KosmoPads is about not accepting the normality of missing school or work when having a period.’’
Blandine Umuzranenge

Gasol Foundation tackles child obesity in disadvantaged neighbourhood of Barcelona

Children and young people Healthy living Local Initiatives

“We consider a child’s family and broader relational context, rather than focusing narrowly on nutrition only.”
Cristina Ribes
Safalín project director