Music and culture

Promoting music and the performing arts.

Increasing numbers of philanthropists and music lovers are contacting the King Baudouin Foundation. Whether their wish is to support young musicians or talented artisans, or to contribute to the restoration of musical instruments, we help them to set up their culture or music project, in partnership with others in the sector.

Our activities

  • facilitating philanthropy and providing support for those currently in the cultural sector
  • providing support for talented young musicians and music schools
  • and acquiring musical instruments of historical value and contributing to restoring and promoting them.

Music and culture is part of the programme Heritage and culture

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Nhung Nguyen

"Hoi Song" / "(r)tu(r)n" exhibition

Exhibit an audio art installation created by Vietnamese artists at a gallery in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), and also present them on an educational platform; the work explores her…

Abraham Rosado Hernández

Support for students at the Brussels Conservatory

Support financially the studies/projects of a piano student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels

Funds and philanthropic tools

La Nacelle (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support projects of La Nacelle, actif in the fields of arts and culture, environment and solidarity

Fund Belgian Music

Bringing together resources, people and expertise to strengthen the social position of all those directly involved in the creation, recording, presentation and exploitation of mu…

Friends of Young Belgian Strings Fund

Philanthropists support projects of the Young Belgian Strings association, a string orchestra of talented youngsters who want to gain experience as an orchestral musician.

Press Releases

‘Théâtre’ by Maurice Maeterlinck with illustrations by Léon Spilliaert preserved

The Eliane Vercaempt Fund acquires the masterpiece 'The Theatre' of Maurice Maeterlinck with illustrations by Léon Spilliaert and lends it to the RMFAB.