Local Initiatives

Strong local connections form the basis for a caring society.

There are so many local initiatives in which the warm generosity of people helps build close and genuine connections. They are the glue that binds a strong society and the best remedy against polarisation.

As a Foundation, we wish to reach out to, support and bring together these projects, their initiators and their participants in all corners of our country. That way, we can breathe life into this crucial social fabric, bolstered by in-depth insight into what it is that people truly need. In doing so, we ensure that not a single citizen is overlooked, because at the local level too, every individual matters.

Local in brief

  • The local reflex: where relevant, we transpose a programme or project to the local level.
  • Build and strengthen a network of satellites to encourage the development of local funds.

Local initiatives is part of the programme Local

Calls for projects

Seal of approval "Louise in Ré"

Award of the "Louise in Ré" seal of approval to East Belgian schools (primary schools and kindergartens).

Selection announced

Poverty in East Belgium - moving more together

Support civil society and organisations that want to sustainably help people affected by or directly threatened by poverty with their projects.

Selection announced

Encouraging the creative projects of Brussels' population (for individuals)

Any person, group of people or community is invited to present the innovative and creative projects they want to develop in the Brussels area.

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Solidarity action to offer a festive meal to all

Offering a festive menu during the end-of-year festivities to isolated people and socially disadvantaged families, as well as people in emergency situations.

Dorfsaal Oudler

Oudler: the village hall goes green

Given the increase in energy prices, look for alternatives to provide sustainable and cost effective energy for the users of the village hall

Belgisches Rotes Kreuz - Lokalsektion Bütgenbach-Büllingen

Food aid for people on low incomes in Bütgenbach/Büllingen

Buy more fresh food for a healthy/balanced diet for vulnerable populations in financial difficulty due to rising prices and the economic crisis

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives

Vis mon village

Concrete projects with a local participatory dynamic that improve the quality of life in the village and promote contacts and solidarity between diverse groups of citizens.

Funds and philanthropic tools

Jeannine et Louise Jacquemotte (Fund)

Worldwide, support to poor people and children in the field of health and protection of biodiversity. In Belgium, support to cancer patients and for the heritage of Huy.

Bürgerfonds Ostbelgien

The Bürgerfonds OStbelgien is a fund by East Belgians for East Belgians. It supports initiatives and organisations that work for fellow citizens, true to the motto 'moving more t…

Fund Nicolas Dehu family

Teaching and leisure projects for children and adolescents in Maurage, in the commune of La Louvière.

Press Releases

Solidarity with flood victims

29 07 2021

After the floods in 2021, the King Baudouin Foundation is pleased to contribute its resources, know-how and networks to strengthen citizens' solidarity with their fellow citizens…

Cycling for everyone! - The Bikes in Brussels Fund has awarded almost 600,000 euros to eight new projects

26 07 2021


Gasol Foundation tackles child obesity in disadvantaged neighbourhood of Barcelona

Local Initiatives

“We consider a child’s family and broader relational context, rather than focusing narrowly on nutrition only.”
Cristina Ribes
Safalín project director

Community garden as a meeting place

Local Initiatives

“I believe we have already made great strides in this direction and have turned an underused, 400-m² site into a green jewel.”
David Reuter
Head of FRI-X-BERG youth art school

Raised beds in a cemetery

Local Initiatives

"The children and even young people are incredibly proud of themselves when they see how their plants have grown.”
Luciana Saalbach
Head of Prinzessinnengarten project in Berlin