Collective Impact

Combine the forces of organisations striving for young people to achieve success in education and work.

We bring together a range of European organisations that help young people find their way in education, on the job market or in society. We share our experience, exchange expertise and set common objectives. That way, we can build a strong European ecosystem in which we offer ever better and higher-quality support to young people — especially those who need it the most.

Collective impact in brief

  • We are building a strong European network of organisations that support young people in education and work.

Collective impact is part of the programme Education and development of talents



DaarDaar asbl: Betalen kosten abonnement auteursrechten en vertalingen NL/D > FR / DaarDaar asbl : payer les frais de traduction (NL/ALL > FR) et l'abonnement aux droits d'auteur

Support for the project to cover costs, 2 articles per day. They are doing this to translate/online publish the best of the Flemish/German-language press into French.

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