Civil society

Strengthen civil society associations at all levels in Belgium and Europe.

Whether they are active locally or internationally: associations that bring people together and deliver a significant contribution to our society are an indispensable cornerstone of our democracy. They constitute an important voice in the public discourse, and they ensure that everyone is heard. The King Baudouin Foundation supports these civil society organisations, both structurally and on a project basis.

Our programme in this area consists of major funds and initiatives to ensure that every one of these associations can flourish and grow. The Venture Philanthropy Fund, for example, provides structural support, and through Civitates, we stand up for the right of associations to exist in European countries where civil society is under threat. We also publish a Barometer of Associations every two years, offering insight into the financial situation of this sector.

Civil society in brief

  • We provide training, education and workshops
  • We offer teaching materials
  • Topics include climate change, technology, and society and the media

Civil society is part of the programme Democracy


Des Racines pour Grandir

Vzw Des Racines pour Grandir

Educational coaching of young people to promote different cultures.

Rotary International (Europe/Africa Office)

Rotary Foundation

Disaster Response Fund: emergency rehabilitation and reconstruction after natural disasters.

Rotary International (Europe/Africa Office)

End Polio Now

Programme to eradicate the poliovirus.

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives

Social Profit Data Trust Fund

The Social Profit Data Trust Fund aims to create a Belgian platform for consolidating, publishing and statistically analyzing data from companies in the social profit sector.

Funds and philanthropic tools

Rotary Belgium (Fund)

Improving the living conditions of the population in a sustainable way by supporting projects of general interest at Belgian or international level and contributing to initiative…

Beweging.academie (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support projects of asbl Bewiging.academie with the aim of moving towards a sustainable, fair inclusive society.

Meer Democratie (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support projects of the asbl Meer democratie, which wants to give citizens a greater say in politics and society.