Civic education

Training and development for everyone involved in democracy.

What lies at the foundation of our democracy? How is it influenced by media and technology? What are the basic values that make a good society? How do we put these into practice? Which impact does climate change have on the way we think and act? These are just some of the questions answered by the training courses we organise at BELvue, our centre for democracy education.

We do so with an open outlook on the world at large. Every citizen is welcome to help find and work toward solutions. We also invite national and international professors and experts to enable them to learn from one another, and we are always happy to work with partners outside of the mainstream education system. Their expertise offers a different, enriching perspective on democracy. After all, nothing has a more inspiring impact than great real-world examples.

The BELvue offer in brief

  • We provide training, education and workshops
  • We offer teaching materials
  • Topics include climate change, technology, and society and the media

Civic education is part of the programme Democracy