Media support

Protect and support local and independent media.

Access to reliable, high-quality information is of crucial importance in a well-functioning democracy. Every single citizen is entitled to this. In Belgium, the King Baudouin Foundation is working in partnership with, a fund that specialises in supporting local media, mainly in regions where information is scarce. We also help these media gain a broader perspective by enabling them to compare their local reality with the situation beyond their national borders.

In Europe, via Civitates, the Foundation promotes media that carry out in-depth research into social issues. Via Pluralis, an international organisation that supports high-quality news media in areas where freedom of information is under pressure, we are supporting the media in Ukraine and elsewhere.

Media support in brief

  • We protect and support independent news media in Europe.
  • We strengthen local media and offer a broader perspective.

Media support is part of the programme Democracy

Funds and philanthropic tools

Europe MédiaLab (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support projects conducted by the Europe MédiaLab (Stars4Media), whose aim is to improve dialogue and exchanges between the media and European institutions.