Organisation in Europe and/or internationally

Raising funds transparently in Europe and/or elsewhere in the world.

An organisation based in Europe

Does your association or organisation work for the common good in Europe? Would you like to raise funds to bring to fruition one or more projects?

Thanks to the Foundation’s extensive international network, you can easily fundraise in Europe and elsewhere in the world (USA, Canada and Asia etc.). Your project(s) will gain greater visibility and your donors will be able to benefit from tax advantages in their country of residence.

We are pleased to put our philanthropy infrastructure at your disposal:

An organisation based outside the European Union

Is your not-for-profit association or organisation based outside the European Union? And would you like to raise funds from European donors?

If so, then the European Friends Fund option enables your organisation to raise funds in Europe in order to support specific projects that have a significant impact.

Donations for your organisation can be made:

  • either via the King Baudouin Foundation, which is authorised to issue tax certificates to donors (individuals, businesses and organisations) living in France, the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Denmark; .
  • or via Transnational Giving Europe, for donors living in some 15 other European countries. Donations made via this network are also tax-deductible, in line with current legislation of EU member states.

Inspiring engagement! 

Kosmotive : improving girls’ and women’s health in Rwanda

Healthy living

”KosmoPads is about not accepting the normality of missing school or work when having a period.’’
Blandine Umuzranenge

Beirut's former glory restored

Heritage sites

“Our mission is not to rebuild something and then leave. It’s to help build a structural transfer of knowledge, so that restoration can be sustainable.”
Marie Eve Didier
RestART Beirut co-founder

Marieke’s addiction to life

Quality of care

"I had my own life under control. And look, I’m still here. You’re always doing more and more because you’ve got your own life in your hands. You can say when it’s enough."
Marieke Vervoort
athlete, Paralympics Rio 2016