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On Thursday 27th April, the King Baudouin Foundation organised the 'Be Philanthropy 2023' event at Autoworld in Brussels. More than 1,100 philanthropists, policy makers, notaries, bankers, asset managers, socially responsible entrepreneurs, foundations and family offices from Belgium and abroad participated. This key event in Belgian and European philanthropy focused on trends, opportunities and challenges in philanthropy.

Water drips and bubbles through a deft play with bowls, while another musician mimics the sound of wind. It is half past nine and the soundscape that composer Dirk Brossé created for Be Philanthropy goes crescendo. 'Memories of forgotten beings' ends dancing, with a soprano whose voice cries out for attention.

"Philanthropy is something we often look at from the top down. I wanted a voice from the bottom up. The cultural world is a sector that itself lives by the grace of philanthropy. But anyone can do something. If you don't have money, you can give young talent stage opportunities." Dirk Brossé, composer

What an entrée for the more than a thousand philanthropists, policymakers, notaries, bankers, asset managers, entrepreneurs, foundations, family offices and NGOs. They were invited to Be Philanthropy on 27 April at the Autoworld museum among dozens of priceless cars, a nod perhaps to the cliché. At this triennial gathering, the world of philanthropy in Belgium and beyond draws inspiration and exchanges views on trends, difficulties and opportunities.

'Memories of forgotten beings' focused on the people for whom philanthropists work. The crises of recent years have also sparked empathy, opined Queen Mathilde, honorary president of the King Baudouin Foundation, "made people aware of their collective vulnerability. They are looking for ways to make a difference to others with their money, their time or their talent.

"The special thing about philanthropy is that all parties benefit. Helping others makes not only the recipient happy, but also the donor." Queen Mathilde, honorary president of the King Baudouin Foundation

Philanthropy is indeed "a state of mind", Pierre Wunsch, president of the King Baudouin Foundation, picked up on that. Both he and Minister of Finance Vincent Van Peteghem emphasised how philanthropic organisations cannot play ‘cavalier seul’. They have a responsibility to work with governments, NGOs and businesses to find the innovative solutions that are urgently needed.

If philanthropy "represents the space everyone has to change something in society", US actor Forest Whitaker proudly claimed that space. Via video link, he talked about his Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative, which helps young people in eight countries develop their skills to lead, reconcile and (re)build their communities.

“I found the same look in the eyes of child soldiers in Uganda that I saw in the kids I grew up with in my neighbourhood. I was involved in philanthropy before I even knew I was doing it, by uplifting people as much as I could.” Actor Forest Whitaker of the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative

He was just one of the many philanthropists present who turned an idea or a dream into a project that advances others, out of personal commitment, sometimes out of loss. But how can we do even more and even better? Using four major themes - be innovative, be engaged, be responsible, be enabled - BePhilanthropy challenged attendees, beyond their achievements and successes, to also question, and seek philanthropy for this rapidly changing world.

With sessions on public-private partnerships that can serve as catalysts and innovators for faster change, on corporate philanthropy at all levels in a company, and on arts and entrepreneurship, the panels shone their light on committed entrepreneurs.

The session on philanthropy advice held up a mirror to notaries, bankers, asset managers and other philanthropy advisers, including Beth Breeze, Director of the Global Challenges Doctoral Centre at Kent University in the UK.

"Philanthropy advisers need to offer a reality check, help donors think beyond their own perspective and ask themselves if society needs what they intend to do. Good advice leads to more and better philanthropy." Beth Breeze, Director of the Global Challenges Doctoral Centre, Kent University

Young people, their expectations and ambitions for philanthropy were discussed in many of the sessions. Their enthusiasm, but also their impatience, their desire for an agile and flexible engagement that is not alongside their professional life, but an integral part of it. They feel the distrust of the generations before them, said James Magowan of the European Community Foundations Initiative in the session on local philanthropy. He could only advise associations to hand over the reins to young people to give them confidence.

"Classic causes don't find young people and vice versa. They look around in their own network and on social media to see what they want to commit to." Diederik Van der Plas, CBF, charity regulator, Netherlands

The session 'BE Philanthropy in 2030, 2040 and 2050', featuring only young philanthropists and moderated by one of the Boosters of Boost for Talent, the programme through which the KBF aims to connect young talent from vulnerable backgrounds to an ambitious future, gave a taste of how their approach aims to rock the world of philanthropy.

"Film. Sports. Music. They are universal languages. They are channels for empathy. And yet these are the domains you find it hardest to find funds for, despite the transformative nature of these projects." Ilwad Elman, Elman Peace Foundation, Winner KBF Africa Prize 2022

A sigh that found an echo in the session on the importance of robust regulation to frame philanthropic action, where Thomas Preiss, co-founder of Common Goal, asked to be taken seriously.

"It's about being closer to this next generation of changemakers. If you are an athlete with a million followers on social media ... They have their ambition that goes far beyond scoring goals. There is a guidance and support required. Having global policymakers really interacting and listening would be a good starting point." Thomas Preiss, Common Goal

In his closing speech, Brieuc Van Damme, CEO of the KBF, pulled all the threads together. He outlined some priorities for the Foundation - working for a strong democracy, the importance of local philanthropy and of cross-border cooperation, including in giving.

"We should remain true to our role as explorers, not empire-builders, as allies, not rivals. We must embrace the variety of our fellow citizens' ideas of giving. And we must accept doubt. We must accept some degree of failure that comes with operating on ground that is constantly shifting." Brieuc Van Damme, CEO King Baudouin Foundation

All panel sessions were recorded and will soon be available on the 'Be Philanthropy 2023' page of our website, which we update regularly.

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