Medical research

Support for scientific medical research that addresses major needs in society.

Medical progress does not fall from the sky; it comes after long and costly years of research. It is work that opens the door to new therapeutic treatments for the benefit of patients and those near and dear to them. Thanks to the means made available by philanthropists, the King Baudouin Foundation supports research in healthcare at Belgian and European levels, complementing public investment and working alongside partners in the public and private sectors.

Our activities

  • supporting medical research projects and providing grants to top level researchers in various fields of health, including rare diseases, cancer, neurology, cardiology and rheumatology
  • notable research on rare diseases, thanks to significant resources allocated by the Generet Fund, which awards a Prize of one million euros to a leading researcher each year
  • developing ‘niche approaches’ that are not financed by others but focus on innovation.

Medical research is part of the programme Health

Calls for projects

Call 2023 - iris-Research Fund

Clinical and translational multicentric research in the hospitals of the iris network Brussels


Fundamental research on the mechanisms of pediatric cancers

Call for fundamental research with clinical translation in the field of the mechanisms of pediatric cancers


Research into the pathogenesis of pancreatic cancer

Call for fundamental research in the field of the pathogenesis of pancreatic cancer



Laboratoire de Psychologie Médicale et Addiction

Development of a battery of event-related potentials (ERPs) as an add-on tool to identify multiple cognitive impairments

Supported project of Salvatore Campanella - CHU Brugmann : 'By exploring the links between the classical neuropsychological testing investigating cognitive functions ; and the mo…

Hôpital Universitaire des Enfants Reine Fabiola (HUDERF), Neurology - Laboratory of Pediatric Research

Investigation of brain connectivity associated with learning difficulties in self-limited focal epilepsy.

Supported project of Alec Aeby : This joined HUDERF-Saint-Pierre doctoral project aims at characterizing the impact of Interictal Epileptiform Discharges (IEDs) during sleep on b…

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Functional role of miR-1179 and miR-873-5p in thyroid tumorigenesis

Support to the research project: 'Functional role of miR-1179 and miR-873-5p in thyroid tumorigenesis'.

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives

Research in cardio-oncology

Supporting translational and clinical research in the field of cardio-oncology.

Funds and philanthropic tools

KickCancer (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support the projects of the KickCancer Foundation which funds research and innovation in the field of paediatric cancer.

101 Genomes (Fund)

The Fund wants to contribute to the development and implementation of innovative therapies for the benefit of children and adults with Marfan syndrome.

Joanna Damman (Fund)

Support cancer research as well as initiatives that improve the care and quality of life of patients. Fight poverty and social inequality in Belgium and in the Global South.

Press Releases

AIDS has not yet been eradicated. The King Baudouin Foundation and BREACH are therefore providing 400,000 euros to support research into HIV and AIDS

30 11 2022

The Fund for AIDS Research and BREACH, the Belgian Consortium for HIV/AIDS Research, are supporting a fundamental research project for an amount of 400,000 euros.

James Robins and others accept the first Rousseeuw Prize for Statistics, worth 1 million USD

13 10 2022

The inaugural $1 million Rousseeuw Prize for Statistics was presented to James Robins of Harvard University and four of his close collaborators.

Research into diseases of the retina and optic nerve wins budget

30 09 2022

Prof. Elfride De Baere, receives funding for her work into diseases of the retina and optic nerve from the Mouton Pro Retina and Liénaert Funds.


From asthma research to better treatment for cystic fibrosis complications?

Medical research

"When we see a patient whose cystic fibrosis is deteriorating, it is often hard to identify the cause. There is a need for better diagnosis of allergic reactions to fungi."
Dr Eva Van Braeckel
Pulmonologist (UGent and UZ Gent)

Pancreatic cancer: gradually untangling a complex knot

Medical research

“In families where there are more cases of pancreatic cancer, we are also seeing an association with colon and breast cancer.”
Prof. Kathleen Claes
UGent, Lab for Cancer Predisposition and Precision Oncology

New perspective on DNA variations leads to explanation for rare disease

Medical research

“We have shown that it is also worthwhile to look at the variants just before and just after genes.”
Prof. Eric Legius
Head of Centre for Human Genetics UZ Leuven