Works of art

Encouraging interest in safeguarding our moveable heritage.

Sculptures, canvases and decorative artefacts are among the many masterpieces that bear witness to our rich heritage. The King Baudouin Foundation is committed to safeguarding significant works of our moveable heritage for future generations, through acquisitions and donations. The Heritage Fund managed by the Foundation promotes over 25,000 works and thousands of historic documents, which are exhibited in public collections across the four corners of Belgium. Collectors who wish to preserve their collections and ensure their visibility can find in the King Baudouin Foundation a reliable and rigorous partner that is attentive to their wishes and needs.

Our activities

  • promoting the Heritage Fund’s collection in Belgium and Europe, including through BRAFA (the Brussels Art Fair), exhibitions, publications and digital communication
  • support for acquisition, restoration, publication and training projects in museums and associations active in the heritage sector
  • facilitating philanthropy among donors and collectors
  • conducting innovative projects with Belgian and foreign partners.

Works of art is part of the programme Heritage and culture

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Calls for projects

Culturele Mecenaatsrekening - Museum

Raising funds to revalue your public heritage collection through a project that has a precise budget and timing.


Prize Jacqueline Nonkels 2022 - Call for projects for individuals

The annual Jacqueline Nonkels Prize (€ 5.000) is awarded for the preservation and promotion of Belgian surrealist heritage.

Selection announced

Prize Jacqueline Nonkels 2022 - Call for projects for organisations

The annual Jacqueline Nonkels Prize (€ 5.000) is awarded for the preservation and promotion of Belgian surrealist heritage.

Selection announced

Funds and philanthropic tools

Musée Marthe Donas (MIMDo) (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support MIMDo's projects, which range from creating exhibitions to preserving and promoting 20th and 21st century artists.

Pionneering IT in Belgium (Fund)

Safeguard the memory of the early days of IT in Belgium by raising the profile of the collections that bear witness to the pioneering days of IT and saving them from destruction.

Hortamuseum Fund (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support projects of the Horta Museum that disseminate knowledge about the ideas and work of Baron Victor Horta, master of Art Nouveau

Press Releases

From the skeleton of a prehistoric animal to a masterpiece by Wolfers: some of KBF’s exhibits at BRAFA have to be seen

At BRAFA 2022, the KBF is presenting must-see pieces, including the skeleton of a prehistoric rhinoceros and a masterpiece by Wolfers.

Exhibition ‘Travels | Landscapes – Christian Dotremont’

With the exhibition ‘Travels | Landscapes – Christian Dotremont’, the KBF is paying homage to the artist Christian Dotremont through the photographs of Georges A. Bertrand.

Wolfers’ fascinating Medusa to be kept for posterity

The fascinating Medusa of Philippe Wolfers is preserved forever thanks to the Heritage Fund. Soon it can be admired in the Art and History Museum in Brussels.


La Pêche miraculeuse regains its original glory

Works of art

“It is rare that works of art were commissioned from Rubens for a specific church, but La Pêche miraculeuse is one such piece."
Wim Hüsken
manager of the restoration project.

The Goffinet archives shed light on Belgium’s colonial past

Works of art

"The intervention of the Heritage Fund enabled archives of huge historical value to be acquired, which today are making a valuable contribution to current issues."
Olivier Defrance
Historian and author of the Goffinet archives inventory