Vulnerability and exclusion

Supporting initiatives that help people living in poverty.

Alongside measures taken by government bodies, thousands of organisations, associations and individuals (professionals and volunteers) work to combat poverty. As a Foundation, we hold very dear the desire to play our part in building greater solidarity in the world.

Our activities

  • we provide financial support to associations and organisations that offer help to those living in poverty
  • we identify new forms of poverty through grassroots information and observation and we test new approaches to fighting poverty
  • we implement new methods of listening to people who are disadvantaged or who feel they have been downgraded in society
  • and we conduct advocacy among government bodies and citizens to attract their attention to the realities and needs of those living in poverty.

Vulnerability and exclusion is part of the programme Social justice & poverty

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives

Solidarity Accounts Schools

Fundraising to enable schools to financially intervene on behalf of children from underprivileged families and improve their chances of successfully completing their school year…

Funds and philanthropic tools

Mr and Mrs Volkaerts-Vanhee Fund

Help in integrating people with a disability in developing countries, and support for social economy projects to fight poverty and social exclusion in Belgium.

Solvay Solidarity Fund

The Group’s executives and shareholders provide help to employees around the world who are seriously affected by the Covid-19 crisis or any other natural or humanitarian catastro…

Press Releases

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Comme Chez Nous: emergency social care during the COVID-19 crisis

Vulnerability and exclusion

"The support we received is enabling the association to breathe a little more easily and deal with the most urgent expenses."
Sophie Crapez
Director, Comme Chez Nous