Talented individuals

Supporting actors of change for the common good.

Giving every talented individual an opportunity to express him- or herself fully is one of the King Baudouin Foundation’s most dearly-held missions. It is also something dear in the eyes of increasing numbers of philanthropists who wish to support talented people in Belgium and abroad. Through a number of structural initiatives and funds, the Foundation helps (future) actors of change to develop and encourage excellence when it is put in the service of the public interest.

Our activities

  • through the Boost programme, provide intensive support to talented young people from vulnerable backgrounds so as to maximise their chances of success in higher education and facilitate their entry into professional life
  • through the Prince Albert Fund, contribute to the development of talented young professionals’ skills in international management so that they can actively participate in the development of the Belgian economy beyond our frontiers
  • through the Prince Philippe Fund, develop initiatives that enable young people from different backgrounds to meet and work together
  • support the Groupe du Vendredi, a think tank whose objective is to enrich public and political debate through new but realistic ideas.

Talented individuals is part of the programme Education and development of talents

Calls for projects

Marilo Fund - Call for projects

The promotion of commercial, cultural and social relationships between Japan and Belgium by a mutual better understanding.

Selection announced

Prince Albert Fund

The Fund offers a grant to young university graduates to manage a one-year business development project outside Europe for a Belgian company.

Selection announced

2021 Ernest du Bois Prize for doctoral students

Support of a doctoral research on the theme of water

Selection announced


Veerle De Vos

Lessons from Japan

During a trip from north to south I want to highlight how Japan deals with a number of serious contemporary challenges, in all aspects of society, that might be exemplary for cou…

Dieter De Baere

Solvay Award 2022: thesis on Laser Metal Deposition (LMD)

Solvay Award 2022 (Through research, contribute to the faster introduction of sustainable 'additive manufacturing' solutions for advanced applications (consistent material proper…

DUO for a JOB

Strengthening 'DUO for a JOB' mentoring for disadvantaged young migrants in the Netherlands (Rotterdam)

Connecting newcomers seeking employment with mentors from a chosen sector to help young people find a job

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives

Funds and philanthropic tools

Ashoka Belgium (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support the projects of the aisbl Ashoka Belgium which promotes and supports the realisation of a world in which everyone is an agent of change.


From the Ardennes to Taiwan: an assignment that changed a life

Talented individuals

"Being outside my comfort zone, I was able to discover a new sector and develop new skills."
Justine Thiry
Prince Albert Fund grantee