Older people

Empowerment and social inclusion of older people.

Demographic changes and an increased life expectancy mean that European countries are witnessing an aging population. For a number of years, the King Baudouin Foundation has been committed to the elderly and issues that affect them, such as early and personalised care planning, palliative care and dementia. Numerous philanthropists, also concerned about the quality of life for the elderly, work at our sides.

Our activities

  • investigating, on a regular basis, the needs of people aged 60 and over in order to better anticipate and answer their needs
  • investing in the adoption of the Tubbe model, a participatory model of management based on relationships and developed for use in care homes
  • investing in the primary care and quality of life for people needing support and care at home, including the elderly
  • support for the development of housing specially designed for the elderly
  • in partnership with other European foundations, strengthening social inclusion of people with dementia.

Older people is part of the programme Health

Calls for projects

Marie-Thérèse De Lava & Robert Schneider (Funds Marie-Thérèse De Lava & Robert Schneider)

Grant for research in geriatric medicine

Selection announced

Funds Marie-Thérèse De Lava and Robert Schneider

Grant to encourage geriatricians to develop their research career

Selection announced


CPAS de Trooz

CPAS de Trooz - aide aux victimes des inondations».

To provide emergency assistance to single-parent families affected by the floods to enable them to restore their homes, preserve their children and survive

Kaivalya Education Foundation

Foundational Learning Transformation - Building an agile and resilient, ‘tech-first’ education ecosystem for a post-COVID19 world

Increase digital skills of teachers (math, reading, social literacy) in India and train committed and innovative district leaders.

ÖSHZ Raeren

Soforthilfe Raeren - Hochwasser Juli 2021

Emergency financial aid to families affected by the floods in the municipality of Raeren, in addition to the aid granted by the government of the German-speaking Community.

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives


Towards a new management model in care homes based on relation and participation

Funds and philanthropic tools

Fund Houillogne-Hanne

The Fund aims to improve the health and living conditions of the ageing population, with a special focus on arts projects.

Perano (Fund)

Support for innovative research towards better quality of life of older people with a neurodegenerative brain disease, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

Manoel & Lauder Prado (Fund)

The Fund aims to improve the health of disadvantaged children and to invest in the health and quality of life of older people.


Care home with a vision on quality care refuses to be overwhelmed by virus

Older people

“We put even more emphasis on contacts between the residents and contacts with care staff.”
Management of care homes working with Tubbe approach

A combat game against COVID-19

Older people

"This game is a good way to raise awareness among the personnel and residents about the risks associated with not respecting hygiene rules."
Dominique Gainvorste
Centre Hospitalier EpiCURA