Local and regional citizen involvement

Supporting local and regional citizen initiatives, with a focus on rural areas, and facilitating local philanthropy.

From a region to a town or city, to a village or a neighbourhood, many are the citizens who work to improve our lives together. And numerous are the philanthropists who devote time and/or money to the places in which they grew up or live. The King Baudouin Foundation encourages this citizen engagement and facilitates both individual and collective philanthropic initiatives that support a region or a particular geographic area.

Our activities

  • we support local and regional citizen initiatives that build social cohesion, paying particular attention to rural areas
  • we manage and develop funds that mobilise the socio-economic stakeholders of their region with a view to developing the region
  • and we make the skills and networks of the KBF available to local philanthropic initiatives.

Local and regional citizen envolvement is part of the programme Social engagement

Calls for projects

Schools Solidarity Accounts

Fundraising to enable schools to financially intervene on behalf of children from underprivileged families and improve their chances of successfully completing their school year.

Selection announced

Funds and philanthropic tools

Fund Alain De Pauw

Support for people in Brussels so that they can develop their leadership skills and encourage others to set up projects to improve quality of life in their local area.

Maria-Luzia & Nikolaus Kleis (Fund)

Financial support for innovative projects to help underprivileged people reintegrate into society in the German-speaking area in the south of Belgium. The Fund aims to encourage …

Press Releases

A closer look at co-ownership: A new edition of the ‘Practical guide for (future) apartment owners’

24 01 2022

Solidarity with flood victims

29 07 2021

After the floods in 2021, the King Baudouin Foundation is pleased to contribute its resources, know-how and networks to strengthen citizens' solidarity with their fellow cit…

Cycling for everyone! - The Bikes in Brussels Fund has awarded almost 600,000 euros to eight new projects

26 07 2021


Gasol Foundation tackles child obesity in disadvantaged neighbourhood of Barcelona

Children and young people Healthy living Local and regional citizen involvement

“We consider a child’s family and broader relational context, rather than focusing narrowly on nutrition only.”
Cristina Ribes
Safalín project director

Raised beds in a cemetery

Local and regional citizen involvement

"The children and even young people are incredibly proud of themselves when they see how their plants have grown.”
Luciana Saalbach
Head of Prinzessinnengarten project in Berlin

Community garden as a meeting place

Local and regional citizen involvement

“I believe we have already made great strides in this direction and have turned an underused, 400-m² site into a green jewel.”
David Reuter
Head of FRI-X-BERG youth art school