Encouraging philanthropy

Facilitating philanthropy in Belgium, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

When citizens, civil society organisations or businesses contribute to initiatives in the public interest, they are participating in a long tradition of helping humanity to progress - namely philanthropy. Their activities fulfil an indispensable and innovative role that is complementary to that of government bodies, voluntary associations and the private sector that work for civil society. Encouraging and facilitating such philanthropy in Belgium, Europe and elsewhere in the world lies at the heart of the missions undertaken by the King Baudouin Foundation.

Our activities

  • we support individuals and businesses that want to commit to building a better world through their activities

  • we promote philanthropy at local, national and international levels by organising the Spring of Philanthropy and the Barometer of Philanthropy

  • we boost our role as a key player in the field of philanthropy in Europe, while maintaining our leadership in Belgium

  • and we produce publications for the general public regarding social issues identified within the framework of notarial work, together with the Belgian Fédération du Notariat (Federation of Notaries).

Encouraging philanthropy is part of the programme Social engagement

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Calls for projects

2023A - Project Accounts - King Baudouin Foundation

The Foundation helps collect funds for innovative projects which serve the general interest. The donations for project accounts are tax deductable.


Culturele Mecenaatsrekening

Raising funds in total transparency for an original cultural project,conducted with a precise budget and timetable. Donors receive a certificate fortax deduction (for donations o


2022C - Project Accounts - King Baudouin Foundation

The Foundation helps collect funds for innovative projects which serve the general interest. The donations for project accounts are tax deductable.

Selection announced


Penny Appeal South Africa

Get into Rugby Day: sport and food parcels for disadvantaged children and families.

Promoting rugby among children of marginalised families and distribution of food parcels to families in the local school.

EVPA - European Venture Philanthropy - Association IVZW

European Impact Finance Survey - Kennis verzamelen/delen over de Belgische markt / European Impact Finance Survey : collecte et partage de connaissances sur le marché belge

For the Impact Belgium Coalition, EVPA collects and analyses impact finance data on the Belgian market, in a European benchmarking exercise.

Rotary International (Europe/Africa Office)

The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund to support Humanitarian Projects and Scholarships

Supporting humanitarian projects carried out by Rotary members in Belgium and elsewhere, at the initiative of The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund.


Be Philanthropy 2023

27/04/2023 09:30

An event to promote philanthropy, to reflect on its role in our society and its recent developments, and to inspire Belgian and European philanthropists in their commitment.

Funds and philanthropic tools

Rotary Belgium (Fund)

Improving the living conditions of the population in a sustainable way by supporting projects of general interest at Belgian or international level and contributing to initiative…

Mare Nostrum Philanthropy (Fonds)

Promotion and support for humanitarian and cultural projects with a vocation for solidarity and likely to have multiplier effects and bring about social, educational or cultural …

SPES-Forum (Friends of Fund)

Philanthropists support projects of non-profit organization SPES Forum to promote spirituality in economy and society.

Press Releases

Myriad, the new alliance for borderless giving is launched

14 09 2021

With Give2Asia, the King Baudouin Foundation and its affiliates in North America have created the Myriad alliance to ease and encourage borderless giving worldwide.

Transnational Giving Platform creates Europe’s first online cross-border giving platform - A new tool to boost European philanthropy

01 07 2021


A mountain climb to regain self-confidence

Encouraging philanthropy

"For a young person, being able to say 'I can do that' is a great support for the future.”
Philippe Stroobant
Founder of the À chacun son Cervin Fund