Elsewhere in the world

Facilitating philanthropy across the world.

Generosity knows no frontiers. In response to growing requests from donors wishing to support good causes elsewhere in the world, the King Baudouin Foundation has continued to develop its international network. It is in this spirit that we have created the Myriad alliance with KBFUS and KBF CANADA, our North American entities, and Give 2 Asia, an American philanthropic organisation with branches in Hong Kong SAR and Australia. Our objective is to facilitate and encourage cross-border donations being made worldwide.

Multiple advantages

Thanks to Myriad, donors (private individuals, businesses and organisations) across four continents can support good causes in almost 100 countries, thereby benefitting:

  • high quality philanthropy services and advice;
  • numerous geographical options for making donations;
  • an extensive network of not-for-profit organisations and beneficiaries to support;
  • administration and fiscal facilities.

International cooperation

The Myriad alliance is anchored in, and strengthens, existing collaboration between six international philanthropy structures:

  • the King Baudouin Foundation, which establishes links between donors and projects supported in Belgium, Europe, Africa and Latin America, in partnership with the Transnational Giving Europe network;
  • KBFUS, which serves American donors who wish to support good causes in Europe and Africa;
  • KBF CANADA, in the service of Canadian donors wishing to develop charitable projects on an international scale;
  • Give2Asia, in the service of American donors wishing to support charitable organisations in 23 countries of the Asia-Pacific region;
  • Give2Asia Foundation Ltd, which serves donors based in Hong Kong SAR;
  • Give2Asia Australia, in the service of donors based in Australia.

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