Education and training

Support for philanthropists who want to get involved in the fields of training and education.

Promoting access to education for children and young people and training for adults: the King Baudouin Foundation joins forces with philanthropist and donors. We support and collaborate on projects of public interest in this area. In relation to education about democracy and citizenship, we develop and manage the BELvue museum, a place where visitors – and especially youngsters – can find out more about the history of Belgium and develop critical thinking about important issues of democracy.

Our activities

  • support for philanthropists (individuals, organisations, businesses) who wish to be involved in the fields of training and education
  • support for the projects of individuals and organisations that aim to improve the education of children and young people and training for adults
  • development of the permanent exhibition of the BELvue museum, which is permanently open to the general public
  • implementation of educational activities in the form of temporary exhibitions and activities designed for students around a number of themes such as democracy and citizenship, the media, our colonial history and justice.

Education and training is part of the programme Education and development of talents

Calls for projects

2022 Fonds Ernest Solvay - Spring Selection

Promoting scientific and sustainable development, both in Belgium and abroad.

Selection announced

2021 Fonds Ernest Solvay

Promoting scientific and sustainable development, both in Belgium and abroad.

Selection announced
Fonds Ernest Solvay new

2022 Fonds Ernest Solvay - Autumn Selection

Promoting scientific and sustainable development, both in Belgium and abroad.

Soon to be closed!


Euro Space Society

Belgische Ruimtevaartweek 2022: Promoten STEM-studies/carrière / La Semaine belge de l'espace 2022 : promouvoir les études et les carrières dans le domaine des STEM

Motivate young people to study science/technology and pursue STEM careers through Space Week and the participation of companies and academics/astronauts

United Way of Bengaluru

Community led COVID19 Management providing Technology, People and Processes to augment governments resources to fight COVID 19

A technology-based citizenship initiative optimizing collaboration between health care professionals and volunteers facilitates access to care for Covid patients.

Agir pour l'enseignement

Accélérer le déploiement du numérique éducatif dans l’enseignement secondaire en FWB

Organize the support of techno-pedagogues, the accompaniment of digital referents in schools and teachers to accelerate the deployment of digital education in secondary education…

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives


Boost is a program set up by the King Baudouin Foundation whose objective is to maximize the chances of success for young people from underprivileged backgrounds.

BELvue museum

BELvue Museum

Managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, the BELvue was created as a place where visitors, and especially young people, can learn about and better understand Belgium, its history…

Funds and philanthropic tools

IFF Europe Belgium (Fund Friends of)

Philanthropists support projects of the non-profit organisation IFF Europe Belgique that helps young people aged 18-29 to become actors in their own future.

Press Releases

Entrepreneurship outside Europe: 43 talented young Belgians honoured by the Prince Albert Fund

43 Prince Albert Fund laureates who conducted a one-year mission outside Europe on behalf of a Belgian company were presented with their diploma by HRH Prince Lorenz.