Datatrust & good causes

Boosting and enhancing the website as a database of, and for, the voluntary sector.

Having at one’s disposal data that are reliable and objective is a significant challenge for the social profit sector. Led by the King Baudouin Foundation, the platform aims to provide support for associations and foundations in their efforts of communication and transparency. The database contains official data relating to over 7,000 organisations in Belgium.

Our activities

  • we manage and develop with the objective of providing as wide a coverage as possible of the organisations present on the site, as well as the quality of the information pertaining to them
  • we use new techniques and work together with umbrella organisations, federations and others to enrich the content of the platform and create new data sources in the service of the common good.

Datatrust & good causes is part of the programme Social engagement

Partnerships, missions, specific initiatives

Social Profit Data Trust Fund

The Social Profit Data Trust Fund aims to create a Belgian platform for consolidating, publishing and statistically analyzing data from companies in the social profit sector. is a database with reliable data on more than 30,000 Belgian associations and foundations.