Involving citizens and researchers in the development of activities that encourage the fight against climate change.

The fight against global warming is one that concerns all of us. It requires us to make changes to how we produce and consume. The global objective to reduce CO2 emissions means that governments have to make difficult choices and pay attention to vulnerable groups in society. The King Baudouin Foundation is contributing to broaden knowledge and debate from the points of view of scientists, citizens and civil society.

Our activities

  • questioning points of view of different groups (scientists, civil society, citizens etc.) so as to understand various representations and positionings and identify opportunities for action
  • listening to vulnerable groups in Belgium and in other European countries so that we understand their fears and expectations regarding energy transition
  • providing Belgian and international researchers from various disciplines with the opportunity to share their expertise and ideas with those of policy makers.

Climate is part of the programme Climate, the environment and biodiversity


Free webinar - Can Literature Save the Climate?

25/11/2021 16:30 until 25/11/2021 18:00

Mobilizing against climate change

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